Saturday in Guangzhou

When we Skyped with the guys this morning our time, they looked so rested and much more relaxed! Did my heart good!


Tate is also getting more rested and relaxed! The more comfortable he becomes with his big brother and his Baba, the busier and wilder he gets!




The guys are with three other families from our agency this week. You really bond with your travel group, and the guys have three great families to do that with. In Hohhot they never saw another American all week long, and now they are surrounded by other American families! I am sure that alone is a great encouragement to Blake and Grant.

Thank you for your prayers for Tate’s medical exam! Simon prepared Tate for what was going to happen, and Tate cruised through his appointed time without one single tear! Tate even had his blood drawn, was taken from Blake to have it done, and came back without one tear to show his Baba his “owie!” Oh sweet boy, how we love your determined spirit!!

 photo IMG_9076_zpsdnhx1zv6.jpg

 photo IMG_9072_zpsykjqpoyn.jpg

Tate fell asleep on the bus after the medical appointments as the group headed to go shopping.

 photo IMG_9077_zpsjpprzn5h.jpg

 photo IMG_9080_zps97lyswfg.jpg

The guys are on the 27th floor of the Garden Hotel. It is the same hotel we stayed at last year, but we were on the 15th floor. Their room is as luxurious as ours was last year! And the views out of the big windows just can’t be beat.

 photo IMG_9082_zpsfl3wrs0k.jpg

 photo IMG_9083_zpsx0w6u7tx.jpg

 photo IMG_9084_zpszlyems7x.jpg

In the evening, the guys walked to a restaurant with the travel group and Simon the guide. They told me the food was delicious, and Tate did very well!! Tate is a great eater. He is eating a wide variety of things and his tummy has not been upset by any of it yet.

 photo IMG_9093_zpskjedqts3.jpg

 photo IMG_9090_zpsrf03zgih.jpg

 photo IMG_9086_zpsilemgc7i.jpg

If you would like to see a GREAT photo of my three guys, and Tate devouring his soup the fastest possible way he could think of, go to this post here!

We are so thankful for SO many things!!! The families that are with the guys this week, the guide, Simon, and his heart to help these children through this process, for the doctors at the medical exam, and for our sweet little miracle Tate who just continues to astound us each and every day!!

They are one day closer to home, you all! One day closer.

I can hardly stand it!!

Thank you for all the support you are giving us right now! Every text, e-mail, phone call, visit, gift, and most certainly every prayer! The Lord is using each and every one of you for Tate’s sake!! Saying thank you will never seem like enough.

Please pray with us that Tate’s TB blood test will be negative. And please pray for good health for the guys.

Six more sleeps till I get to hold our sweet precious boy!


  1. Forster Family says:

    We are so thankful for so many answered prayers! May God continue to bring Tate and the guys home safely! It’s been really neat to follow each post and see how things are going and how God is answering prayers in so many ways! 🙂 We are thinking of and praying for you all often!
    Love you all,
    Sarah (for all of us)

  2. Connie says:

    Definitely praying. Can hardly wait to meet you little man. Can’t imagine how hard it is for you to wait. Soon now, very soon you will get to hug and hold your son. God is soooo good!

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