River’s Place

Ahhh, how I love to visit my happy place!

These grand babies of ours are such a light in our lives!

It is SUPER fun to hang out at River’s place!

Look how big River is getting!

He is already five weeks old.

This little miss has a tight hold of my heart strings!

We have a very hard time pulling ourselves away once we are at River’s place.

I am sure you can see why!

We were ALL together the other night, and Blake and I just looked at each other through all the noise and laughter with tears in our eyes.

Over the last three years the Lord has blessed our family with FIVE new precious children!

And an amazing son-in-law!

It simply takes our breath away.

What a good, good season we are in.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store!

We could not write this story better if we tried!


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