Rescued Blessings

Yesterday Addie Mae and I traveled to Iowa!


I dropped Addie Mae off at a girl’s retreat, and then I was able to spend the afternoon with a dear sweet friend!

We had a blessed time!! I came home encouraged and refreshed!


While I was away, there was lots going on here at home on the farm!

Three more rescued horses were delivered to be in our care!

A gelding named Vic, a mare named Annie, and a little babe!

We are working on a name for that babe!

Thanks, Kay, for helping with the kiddos and for taking these photos!!




The other two horses in our care were not too fond of this new delivery!

They got a little wild, to say the least!

Grant went in that pasture with them to calm them down!

He is our horse whisperer – is there anything he cannot do??!!

They all settled in nicely then and have been doing well ever since!



Since there are no other animals on the farm right now, we have plenty of pasture, time, and, of course, LOVE.

Just what these beauties need!




That little babe is SO lovey!!!

She loves to cuddle and be loved on!

Chad is living his dream!



Aren’t they beautiful?!

We feel SO blessed to be trusted with their care!



I love looking out the windows and seeing the horses in the pasture!

I got home late and in the dark last night and could not wait to see them this morning!

These rescued horses are up for adoption, and it is our hope that they will indeed find a loving home.

Until then, we are going to love on them as much as we can!

And also figure out a great name for that babe!