Quiet Days

We have been staying put for quite awhile, trying to avoid all the illness that seems to be everywhere right now.

We venture out and about for the “have to’s”, but that is all. And only those of us that have to.

I seem to have a lot of nervous energy after being in isolation this long!

Maybe it is because my Dad is in the hospital, and our little sweet pea is about to be.

Maybe it is because the majority of the adults I have been talking to are insurance folks, nurses and doctors.

Those folks aren’t much for small talk.

Wherever this energy is coming from, it has helped me get lots done and also to start our winter organization projects!

Friday Kayla came and spent the whole day blessing us with her help. Her extra hands were such a gift!

She and I started and finished our Christmas cards!



She made granola – which was always one of her jobs here before she was married!


She got some gifts under the tree for me.


And was really enjoying the noise and chaos of two little people under foot all day!



She enjoyed some cuddles….


And then after doing a million other things for me, made some cut out cookies with those two noisy little people for some fun!





Everyone else was working hard too, and we whipped this place into shape!

School needed fixed….so I worked on that yesterday. (more about that later!)

Today, Addie and I tackled the huge job of “winter cleaning” the office/school room. Ugh.

I had a renewed vision for this room, though, because I plan to teach Lane and Eliza (and soon Tate!) together for part of school. I knew this spot would be a perfect place for that – where we would not be a distraction or be distracted!

I forgot to take before photos! We went through e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. The boys helped for awhile too. We switched the stamping/scrapbook area into a school/craft area!







AND, I found the bottom of my desk!


We moved the stamping/scrapbook stuff to the closet and got it set up in a useable way. (My scrapbooking days are over, though, so what is left I am going to sell!)


After all that, I still was going strong, so I made lunch (split pea soup and banana bread) and prepped dinner (roast, carrots, and cauliflower “mashed” potatoes) for tomorrow!



I still had time for a rowdy tournament of Uno Attack and Uno Spin…which currently stands at a tie and will be continued tomorrow!



Oh – and time for some photos of a little someone who says “Mom. Mom. Mom! MOM! Picture. Picture!!” every time I have my camera out!


Oh my, she is just so cute though!

Ok, prayer warriors…please pray with us!

*Continued prayer for my Dad. He had a rough day.

*For David, who has been sick the last two days with a high fever.

*That we will indeed remain healthy for Eliza’s surgery.

*For strength and wisdom to be ready for what lies ahead.

Thank you so much for your prayers!


  1. Connie says:

    So nice that you were able to get so much done! Will add David to my prayer list. Jim has gall bladder surgery tomorrow morning. Would appreciate your prayers. You are being very wise keeping yourselves away from all the “bugs” out there. Stay warm, safe, and healthy. Praying for you.

    • Steph says:

      Blake talked to Pastor last night and he told us about Jim’s surgery. We will be praying! So sorry to hear he has to go through this. Thank you for your prayers too. Love you and miss you!

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