First of all, I am overwhelmed.

The comments, texts, and the endless e-mails this past week…….oh my goodness, you all.

Thank you for reaching out.

For sharing encouraging words with us.

You have been such a blessing!!

Next, here is my heart.

This past week was rough, rough.

We have spoken amongst ourselves about selling our home and farm for over a year, but once we said it out loud to everyone else, the reality set in for all of us and we had a lot (a lot!) of tears.

Every single one of those tears was needed, and served a purpose.

I can say that our hearts feel more connected then ever before.

And I am so thankful.

I also will share that I did not realize how much Tate’s appointment on Thursday was weighing on me.


But now I know it was.


The thought of that surgery was too much for me to handle.



We are SO thankful for the Lord’s doing in Tate’s life.

I just heard today that God shows His miracles here on earth so we know He is with us.

I really have not ever thought of the way He shows Himself to us always as “miracles” – but I DO see God with us.



He shows Himself to me every single day in some way.

That, is what is called FAITH.

We are going to continue to walk by faith and not by sight.


The amazing news about Tate’s improvement was the Lord showing Himself to us.

He does not want us to question for ONE second whether He is with us.

He is.


Thursday night when I gave Tate his bath, it was like I was seeing Tate in a whole new light.

I can’t explain it completely – but it was PURE JOY.

No worry – JUST PURE JOY.



I think you will agree that that is what this precious boy is.


When we fell in love with the photos and video of this child of God over two years ago now, we could have never imagined this.


Our cheerful young warrior who is filling our hearts to overflowing.

We cannot even imagine what the Lord has for us as we wait on Him for this next season in our lives!


  1. Ellen says:

    I had to share this quote from Aimee at Simple Bites…

    “If you haven’t experienced the arrival of spring through the eyes of a four-year-old, then you’ve missed out on a contagious excitement that is one hundred percent genuine.”

    I am glad you daily experience God’s joy in the two special four-year-olds he has gifted you with as well as each age perspective and personality in your family.

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