Progress Is The Name Of Our Game!

(This was written at 7:30 p.m. Friday evening)

I will start with photos today….check this out!! Yes! That is our chickadee out of my arms and not screaming! Progress!


Yes! That is our chickadee playing with Addie Mae! Progress!


Yes! That is our chickadee riding in the van on the way home from the orphanage NOT on my lap! Progress!


Yes! That is our chickadee playing in the hotel room and getting into everything! Progress!!!



The progress that we have seen with Eliza since we left the orphanage is amazing. We are SO thankful we took her there, as hard as it was, because we believe it offered her the closure we were praying for! She is playing with Blake and Addie, will let Addie do things for her, is always running around the room getting into things….it is incredible!! The girl who never left my arms for three days! Even she and Blake are starting to bond – all over noodles! Blake makes her noodles, and she just loves him for it! We now own stock in Chinese ramen like noodles…this cutie pie cannot get enough! She also loves her stroller, and so do my arms! We just need to work on the fact that once we leave the room in the stroller, we do have to eventually come back. She is not really into the coming back part. Eliza is coming out of her shell, and we are loving her little personality SO much. What an amazing transition to be a part of.

Today the affects of the Typhoon have arrived here in Guangzhou, and it started raining this afternoon. Really raining. Really, really, raining. Good thing we tried out the pool yesterday evening, even though Eliza didn’t want to go within two feet of the edge of it. We enjoyed having some snacks in the lounge chair though while Blake and Addie swam!


We ordered room service for dinner last night. Everyone (everyone but me, that is!) loved it and it was fun to eat all together!


We also sent out some laundry and it came back yesterday evening. We sent a kitchen size garbage bag full, and got it back like this – all for $33. Do you think they will come and pack our suitcases for us for the trip home?


Today we headed to the Guangdong Provincial Museum instead of the planned Liuhua Lake Park because of the predicted rain. It was SO neat! I wish you were here boys – you would have loved it! Eliza did PERFECTLY and rode in her stroller almost the entire time.



We think it is so funny when the Chinese want to get photos with us Americans!


As we left the museum right before lunch, we could hear the thunder and see the lightening. Four of us Mama’s that had strollers ran to the bus, which made everyone else follow quickly too, and we all got in the bus just in time before the skies opened up and the downpour started!



The rest of our day has been low key as Eliza has a fever with her cold and cough now. Yesterday our guide stopped on the way back to the hotel and helped us get some medicine for her. It IS helping, but she is certainly not better. She slept over five hours this afternoon. Unfortunately, she is sharing her sickness with her mama that has held her non-stop….and so we are needing some prayer. Please pray that we can both get well before we have to board that plane to come home. Thankfully, we have Eliza’s medical examination tomorrow morning, and the guide says that the doctors there will help us as much as they can!


  1. Tammy says:

    Your journey with Eliza is precious to read. Thank you for sharing and giving our prayers focus as you are in China. Praise the Lord for all He has done and will do in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead!

  2. Ang says:

    Praise God that each thing that initially appears to be an obstacle ends up a blessing. This fever will as well. All for His good.
    Praying you stay nourished and feel better soon. Thanking God for His healing power.

  3. Connie says:

    Praise to God for the progress that has been made. Praying for good health and wellness for all of you. Hope your “bug” is very quickly gone, and that Eliza will feel better very soon, too.
    I can not begin to explain what joy it has been for me to have you sharing your story. Thank you so much, Moschels!

  4. Sandra Endress says:

    I can see her relaxing in her eyes! I knew she would be won over by your love! 🙂 And Steph, how is YOUR food holding out?

    • Steph says:

      My food is holding out good. I am relying a lot on my medical food – shaking powder in apple juice many times a day, because if I don’t I get shaky and weird feeling. It keeps me feeling better!

  5. Christy says:

    Yeah! So glad Eliza is feeling more comfortable and relaxed emotionally. Now if she can get over that cold. Poor girl. We had the same problem with Lily. She was sick half our trip and all the way home. We had brought meds so we relied on those. We were told (and we heeded the advice) not to tell US immigration of her having a cold or temp when we got to the US airport (Chicago) or they will quarantine the child for days or weeks. Keep this in mind…Lily looked awful when we got off the plane as she was sick and cried a lot (due to her lack of oxygen and heart condition) so when questioned, we said she was healthy just had a rough flight. They asked if she had temp…we said no because technically she didn’t as she was on meds to reduce temp. We made it through.

    Again…so glad Eliza is showing her personality and becoming more interactive. Great news!

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