Pretty, Pretty

Hello, you all.

I am sitting down to take a break from reality.


And to share another fun Christmas tradition we have.


We have renamed it “pretty, pretty” because that is what Eliza said 1,492 times that night.


At least once during the Christmas season, we head to La Crosse to drive through their light display.

One of the first years that we did this, we took our little pup, Zoe. The kids loved how one of the guys at the live nativity would yell, “Seven in this chariot. And a dog!”

Zoe going to the light display with us has become a tradition too.


It was a very fun outing. Eliza still struggles with riding in her car seat, so fun outings that involve the car seat are a good way to try to conquer this struggle.



After we visit the light display we come home, start up the fire, sip something hot, and listen to a sermon together. I love how excited the younger boys get about these simple things!!


Since then, our week has been a little c.r.a.z.y.

But since Tuesday was really my Monday (since we were gone all day Monday), what should I expect?

We finished out this week with six dentist appointments this morning. A 45 minute drive from the farm. And the appointments started at 8:45 a.m. Who does this to me??!!

Wore one sweet pea completely out.


UW Madison called this morning and they have moved Eliza’s surgery one week sooner than it was originally scheduled for. I have been rearranging all kinds of things this afternoon! Praising God that it is all working out.

Back to reality!

Happy Friday, everyone!!!


  1. Kayla says:

    LOVE LOVE this post! Its a happy thing to check emails in the afternoon and find a link to a post! “pretty pretty” sounds like fun!

    love, K

  2. Rosanna says:

    we enjoy that same tradition. in just a week our little grandbaby will be visiting us for the first time! might be his first trip through “pretty, pretty”.

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