Our Week So Far

This week has been oh so good so far!

We have showed the farm twice already!


Monday’s showing was during the lunch hour, so I took my crew to the local Co-op for some good eatin’!

Then we parked on the main road, walked and window shopped, and then stopped in the library to look at books and play.

It was the MOST beautiful day!

We came home and played and played outside!

We also grilled burgers for dinner!


I need to re-think the quantities of food I make now with Grant gone!

I usually eat leftovers for breakfast, and I have had plenty this week!

We are still keeping after our school work.

Chad has finished several of his subjects for this year, so he just adds the time he was working on those to doing double time on the subjects left.

He is one motivated kid!

A few warmer days brought smoothies to the menu!

A few warmer days has made our puppy a smidge CRAZY.

Oh my word.

Where does she get all her energy!?

Blake is still harvesting this week.

The littles are always watching and waiting for him to come home!

Hoping for another warm and sunny day soon!

Are you all having a good week too?

I sure hope so!!

Have a great Thursday, everyone!!