Our Week In Review

All the days are running together right now!

We had a wonderful week full of many wonderful things.

On Tuesday night we celebrated LOA!

With Chunky Monkeys!



What a sweet evening Wednesday was when we saw Mr. Fed Ex pull into the farm!


Because he was bringing that very precious letter!




Blake and I signed it!

I added a stack of paperwork I had finished to it!

The next morning a special helper and I took it to the Fed Ex office and sent it overnight back to Birmingham!

And then we went next door and got coffee drinks to celebrate again!!

Don’t worry! It’s decaf!

Lane did not stop talking for one second during our special time together!

What a treat for me!


This week started with some cloudy and very cold days.

Even though we are done with full-time school for this school year, we do a limited school schedule during the summer months!

I learned years ago that a smidge of school in the morning during the summer months is well worth the effort when fall comes around and we start up full-time again.


Right now Eliza’s “school” is doing directed activities.

Eliza thrives with directed activities!

She calls them “projects.”

I have a lot of very easy projects on hand to keep our girl happy!





The reading store unleashed a reading monster! And, yes, that fire has been running this week, and so has our furnaces. Excuse me, summer, where are you?


We spent more time at the doctor this week.

It turned out to be the most humbling blessing.

I have been learning to navigate three different medical facilities, insurance approvals, and many, many doctors. It has not been easy!

We are so blessed to have so many helping us with Eliza’s medical needs and care.

This appointment brought me to tears. I felt so loved. And I know our sweet girl is so loved too.



The boys have been busy fencing.

They make a great work team! Addie keeps them well fed!




The warmer, sunny weather at the end of the week made it very hard to be inside at all!

Addie and Eliza planted flowers.


We went for walks!



Eliza loves to play in water!


I had some helpers in the garden!



I took as much inside work as I could outside to work on it!


‘Cause when I looked up, this was my view!


Yesterday we went to not one, but two weddings!

Down a path to the most beautiful clearing in the woods!

So beautiful! The whole day was SO beautiful! Everything about it!


In between the two ceremonies, we had lunch in the van.



One evening Kayla brought me some Mama’s brew tea she made!

T.O.T.A.L.L.Y. addicting. Thanks, KK!


Chad made us some amazing ice cream this afternoon!

You MUST make some!

4 frozen bananas, broken into pieces
1 cup frozen strawberries
1/2 cup milk (we use coconut)
1 TBSP pure maple syrup

Pulse fruit in the food processor. Add milk and syrup and run until smooth. Try to freeze it first (I dare ya!), or eat it right away.

I ate three bowls! In one sitting! But you didn’t hear that from me.


And there’s another week gone by!!

FULL of blessings!!

P.S. Did you hear we are LOA???!!!! And don’t forget about that awesome Amazon shower (below)!!


  1. Daria says:

    I am not sure if you have Barnes and Noble close by but they have a wonderful summer reading program. Their form is in the store or on line. You read 9 books, take the form in and get a free book. You can keep building on to your library. You can bring in as many forms as you want. The program has already started and goes until sometime in September. Isaiah already has his first form completed.

  2. Michelle says:

    Tears. I am so thankful for your heart, for your rejoicing and giving God glory, for your beautiful family, for the sharing of blessings. God is ever near!

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