Our Week At Home

It has been a very busy week here at home on the farm!

What a blessing….to make the time pass quickly until the guys will be home!

Addie and I came home from Costco on Sunday not feeling the best. A little bug made its way from her and I to Chad. I am so thankful for how quickly we felt better, for how slight our symptoms were, and that the littles did not get it!

Monday and Tuesday afternoons of this week were about beans.

And more beans! Picking beans! Snapping beans! Blanching beans!


Yesterday we spent some time at David and Kayla’s place! The kids stayed with them while I went up the street to get a haircut, and then next door to see the chiropractor. Kayla served us all a yummy lunch, and David taught a science lesson for me! They also made some cupcakes and visited an elderly neighbor with them!




Today I ran to town with a cute little man to have his glasses adjusted. Wish I would have taken a before photo! I could take Lane in weekly to have his glasses adjusted. He is just a smidge hard on them!


In my spare time this week (ahem), I made some busy bags for Tate and Eliza! I plan to grab them to take to the hospital on Monday. Our appointment time has been changed to 8:50 a.m., and we have an interpreter that will be there for Tate! SO thankful for that.




I have had so much support these last two weeks….it is so humbling! The sweetest friend sent gifts to the kiddos in the mail – all spaced just right to arrive day after day. Seriously. Probably don’t need to tell you how much Eliza loved this one? She walks around the house talking to George!



An adoptive Mama friend spent two hours visiting on the phone with me wwwaayyy late one night….just because she could tell how much that would encourage me. And she was right!

We have had many visitors stop by too!! LOVE when the farm is full of people!

That sweetest friend that sent the gifts in the mail? She did grocery shopping for me today, and also bought Tate a pair of shoes and a jacket – both of which he needs! They are super cute!!!

This evening after dinner, I took a walk to clear my head! Cause I was starting to be kind of a mess! If anything can clear your head, it is a walk with views like these, while chattin’ with Jesus.




It is late, the house is quiet, and all picked up and tidy! My guys are still in the clouds and will be landing in Los Angeles in about an hour! Tomorrow morning, hopefully before noon, we will all be reunited!!

Can you believe it?!!! My three guys are almost HOME!!


  1. Connie says:

    May God give you extra strength and sleep tonight. So much excitement ahead of you tomorrow. God has answered prayer in so many amazing ways for you and little Mr.Tate. Please know I continue to hold you before our God in prayer. May you have a blessed uniting!!! Love you!

  2. Kirstin says:

    What a great job you have done holding down the fort and what wonderful love and support. My heart is full just reading about it!!! Now, to see a picture of all of you together… but no pressure! *smile* Love you guys!

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