Our Teeny Tiny Cheerful Young Warrior!!!

Could you all hear the sobs from where you are??

Well, no apologies from here!!

We just received an update on our sweet Tate!!!


He is teeny tiny!!!

The same size that Eliza was at two years old.

Tate will be four years old very soon!


We received answers to all of our questions too!!

What are his current weight, height, and foot length measurements from this month?

12.5 kg, 93cm, 15cm foot, 22 teeth

Is he able to use the potty on his own?


What are his favorite foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Breakfast, milk, bread, cracker. Lunch, noodle or dumpling. Dinner, egg soup, bun or noodle.

What is his schedule like for a day? For sleeping and eating?

He has breakfast at 6am, has lunch at 12 and then take a short nap, has dinner at 6:30pm. He goes to bed at 9pm.

Can he express his needs well?

He is really good at telling you what he wants.

Is he with a foster family, or at the orphanage?

In orphanage.

What makes him happy? What makes him scared or sad?

He is a happy and easy child. He likes to play games with other children. He likes to read children books. He is very happy to help when you ask him. We haven’t seen anything he feels scared of yet. And he is always happy and cheerful.

Is there anything else you would like us to know about him?

He is a very smart child. He likes to spend time to play toys, games, puzzles.

He is always happy and cheerful!! That is why we chose the name Tate! It means “cheerful!”

Our hearts are SO FULL looking at these photos!!


Mr. Tiny Tate, we need to buy all new clothes for you! We bought things that will be way too big for you!

Unfortunately, our paperwork is standing still yet today.

Did you know when there are more obstacles, it allows God to show up in even bigger ways?!!

Please keep praying with us!!!

We love you so much Tate Owen, and we are doing all we can to get there and bring you home!!!


  1. Lisa says:

    Oh my goodness! Cuteness personified. I love how God shows up to reveal that He is still working, even when it seems hard to believe it.

  2. Michelle says:

    Precious, precious, precious! God has a plan for little Tate! If my heart feels so squeezed right now, I can in no way imagine what yours feels like! Can you feel my hug right now?

  3. Connie says:

    Wish I could reach into those photos and give him a great big hug and tell him you are coming soon. I love that his name means cheerful! Excited to see how God is going to work this all out. Bunches of hugs to you!

  4. JoEllen says:


    We are continuing to pray for Tate and love these pictures. Love that you got some answers as to how he is doing and a little glimpse of his personality. He will fit right in with your family! Prayers still coming for Tate and your family.

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