Our Sweet Girl

Today is the day that we would have been at Shriner’s Children’s Hospital for Eliza’s hip surgery.

Excuse me a sec while I praise the Lord, again, that this is not happening today.

A few weeks ago, when we sat all the kiddos down to tell them surgery was cancelled, I wish you all could have seen how Eliza took this news.

We literally could see every single part of her soften and relax, from her toes to the top of her head!

Being this sweet girl’s Mama is such a rewarding thing.

On that day four years ago that we first saw her photos and video, I had no idea the amazing journey the Lord would take us on.

I spent most of that morning on my knees in my bedroom begging the Lord to see fit to allow us to have Eliza’s file.

He answered those desperate prayers that day, and I can’t even bare to think what if He had said no.

This sweet girl and I have come so far.

Yes, both of us.

The Lord has used Eliza to change me.

I am so glad He has.

She has SUCH a tight hold of my heart strings, and I hope she never, ever lets go.

The Lord has certainly blessed our efforts to bring healing to this beautiful girl….even though I am sure He is not through yet.

She has become such a confident, smiley gem – and she has such a bright light to share with the world!

Our sweet girl Eliza Claire, I am not worthy to be your Mama, but my heart skips a beat every single time I hear you call me by that name.

I love you more than I could ever say!

And I could never be more thankful than I am today that we are sharing cookies dipped in milk instead of waiting for you to come out of surgery!

Praise the Lord with us!!


  1. Tracy Spenst says:

    I so love how her little face is hidden by the cup! So thankful it was a hot chocolate and cookie kind of day rather than, “She’s in Recovery” kind of day.

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