Our Little Sweetheart

Miss Eliza has been with us seven months now.


I spent some time this weekend looking at photos and video from our time in China.


She was so tiny then! But still so mighty!


What a difference these months have made. What an amazing journey this has been.


We have a “maturity” of sorts, and confidence with Tate’s adoption that was not there just a year ago.


Thinking about Tate here with us makes my heart sing.


I know that the Lord placed this little miracle into our arms so we would be ready to add Tate to our family too.


We are just in awe of all the Lord has done for us.

And privileged to call this little sweetheart ours.

Happy {Belated} Valentine’s Day!


  1. Connie says:

    Wow! Hard to believe it is 7 months that you have had this precious treasure with you. Can hardly wait to hear you say that it is 7 months that you have had Tate home with you. Such exciting times!

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