Our Get-Away

David and Kayla blessed us on Valentine’s Day with a card saying they would stay with the other children for a weekend so Blake and I could sneak away to celebrate our anniversary!!

So we did that this past weekend!

We didn’t go far – just in case we needed to hurry home for Eliza’s sake.

She did GREAT though! We are so thankful!

The kiddos were so excited about our get-away, because that meant that David and Kayla were staying at the farm!


What a blessed time we had! We stayed in a suite in downtown Rochester, Minnesota.

We had time to research and plan things…like our farm season, budget, and school for next year!

Also listened to some amazing sermons, and spent some serious time in God’s word.

We had an incredible frozen banana latte from a place next door! We should have gotten another one!!


We did some clothes shopping for a few things the kiddos need, and also took a walk right at dusk one night!


We visited a church on Sunday morning that was an amazing blessing! The music and message had us both in tears.

Right before we headed back home, we stopped at Costco to stock up. Our freezer was BARE. Praise the Lord, it’s not anymore!


We both feel rested, refreshed, energized, connected, more in love than ever….and ready to jump back into our crazy busy world at home!

Thank you, Lord, for my wonderful husband!

David and Kayla, we cannot thank you enough for helping at home to make our get-away possible!

And now, the kids and I are FINALLY with my Mom….and will be here all week!!!! Can’t wipe this smile off my face!


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