Our Days and Some News

I just spent a big chunk of time over the weekend and yesterday planning the end of our school year for the kiddos!

We will be finished with “formal” school on May 5th, Lord willing, if all goes as planned.

Usually all does not go as planned though!

So maybe we will finish a little later than that!

We do some school during the summer too.

It just doesn’t look like the school we do the rest of the year.


The littles are loving the My Father’s World curriculum I started with them!






We also started rowing a new book yesterday – super cute, as always!


The story is set on the prairie during pioneer days.

We made a map of where the prairie is in the United States.




Tornadoes are also mentioned in the book.

So we made one! In a jar!





The littles THRIVE on directed play. It makes our days go so smooth!

I just love this ABC memory game we have. The pieces are sturdy and cute!

While we play, we say the letter, the sound it makes, and the picture that goes with the sound.

They learn SO quickly this way!






I have the middle boys do an illustration and write about what they read in their Science lesson.

I love how far they take this simple task!

They find a tutorial to learn how to draw what they want to draw so they can do it well!

And they are both getting pretty good at drawing.



Last week we had some spring like days, and then got buried in a foot of snow!

Now we are having some spring like days again.

Addie told me yesterday her body is so confused! So is mine!

The kiddos spend every second of the afternoon outside when the weather allows!








We have had two HUGE events in our world here!!

After what I think was our 10th full blown attempt at potty training Eliza in the last year, we have finally had success!

And that is right after her urologist said we may never achieve this.

She finally got over her fear, and just like that in one day it was done!

We couldn’t be more thankful that she can physically be potty trained, and more proud of Eliza for how much she had to overcome to achieve this.


In other BIG news, this precious boy, who is wise beyond his years, has been soaking up and asking questions about our faith since the day he came home. Last Thursday, with myself and all his siblings gathered round, he asked Jesus to live in his heart with the sweetest prayer I have ever heard!

We called his Daddy and big sis Kayla to tell them the good news, and he said to them, “God has filled me up!”

There is NO greater joy than to know your children walk in truth!!

This photo is blurry, cause someone might have been a smidge teary eyed, but it was taken as we all celebrated that precious prayer with chocolate! I figured if the angels were singing, we could have a celebration too!


Other than those two big events, school, and a whole lot of other normal stuff, we are trying to do something each day for the move.

The animals were all sold the week before last week within days of being listed.

We have the horses with us still, and they will be returned to their owner when we move.

Last fall, Addie and I went through our books and sold about 3/4 of them.

Addie and I have been going through closets and the attics and have taken van trunk loads to donate, and more trunk loads to sell at the consignment shops.

The guys really cleaned the barn, and have been hauling loads to the dump.

We also have been selling all of our farm equipment.

The Lord is really, really blessing our efforts!!

We have an exciting opportunity that I won’t speak of yet, but if the Lord sees fit to let it be our path, we could not feel more blessed!!

We will be listing the farm with our friend/realtor in the next two or three days.

I am sure we will still have some bittersweet moments, but we are all very excited too!

If you would join us in prayer for this huge undertaking, especially for the littles sake, we would be so grateful!

Have a great week, everyone!!


  1. Connie says:

    Tears of joy for little Mr.Tate’s decision! So happy for Eliza, too! Praying for you, It is absolutely amazing how God puts everything together and moves things as they need be in His perfect time.

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