Our Day To Day

Last week we took a break from school for the Thanksgiving holiday!

I had originally planned to have school on Monday and Tuesday, but when Eliza woke up Monday morning and I saw how swollen the left side of her face was, I knew our day was not going to go as I had planned.

She also was having pain and crying about it hurting.

Eliza and I headed to the doctor Monday morning to have her checked out.

The doctor was not sure what was going on with Eliza’s cheek, and wanted to wait and see how the next couple of days went.

Tuesday morning when Eliza woke up, the outside of her cheek was red, and it was still just as swollen, if not more swollen, and still hurting.

By the time I called the doctor, the red was streaking up her nose and was on her forehead.

Back to the doctor we went, and got some antibiotics.

Just to set the story straight – Eliza would not do the natural things we wanted her to do before I called the doctor instead.

The infection was making us nervous!

So we chose antibiotics, and I am glad we did.

She drank her antibiotics twice a day without any problems!

We took a little buddy to the doctor with us the second time!

I love how the Lord knew these two needed each other.

Since we are speaking of strange medical happenings around here, I could mention that a couple weeks ago Eliza woke up with this on her hand.

We used warm compresses and some essential oils to try to draw the infection out.

It got worse before it got better!

Our sweet baby girl!

We also had the privilege the weekend before Thanksgiving to keep Clyde and Ellie while David, Kayla and River went on an anniversary get-away trip!

Now, I am here to tell you, this is the GOOD life!!

Even when I can’t get a proper photo of that GOOD life!

I had lots of helping hands that weekend, and when it was over we all agreed it was the BEST weekend ever!!

Minus the poor photography, of course!

Some other day to day things include our weekly trip to the library!

Some times we stop for a treat while we are in town!

And some times we bring a pilgrim home from the library!

Guitar practice is a daily thing around here too.

I LOVE hearing those guitars in this house!

Having working people come and go is normal too.

Sometimes some little people hang on tight so they can’t leave!

Chad time is always a sweet time on our schedule!

Chad plans something for the younger three for 30 minutes while I run around like a crazy lady getting some stuff done!

Our days here are FULL – but I wouldn’t want it any other way!!

This is such a sweet season we are in!

As always, there is SO much I never want to forget!

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