Our Brave Little Man

We learned a lot about our brave little man’s insides today.

Tate is being referred to UW Madison for orthopedic surgery.

He is so fearless, calm, and BRAVE!


Please pray with us for our day tomorrow, as Tate will be sedated for a complete brain and complete spine MRI, a complete spine CT, and also for that ultrasound imaging that we missed on Monday. He cannot eat or drink when he wakes up in the morning, and that will be very hard for Tate.

What peace we have in knowing AND believing that Tate was fearfully and wonderfully made!!!

You are our little superhero, Tate Owen!

*I am feeling a little better each day, and was pleased to know that I am not considered contagious anymore because I finished all of the antibiotics that were prescribed!


    • Steph says:

      Awww, Tristan, thank you! Will do! Seems spina bifida is the least of our worries for Tate….and since he needs orthopedic surgery, we are just praying that his cord is not tethered right now. Thanks for your prayers!

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