On Its Way Out

Here we are with another week on its way out!

Time is a movin’ along!

Our Sunday was a blessing! We had a huge brunch with a special guest and his parents!


And of course it is always SO good to have Grant home for a day.


Sunday we had a visitor. It was day time (first clue that something is wrong with a raccoon), and this guy was just hanging out on our porch. He was not well. But he was cute! And the littles loved watching him from the windows!


We had a good solid week of school – even though there were many things interrupting our days.

I started rowing a new book with the littles and Lane – A New Coat for Anna.


Such a cute story set in Europe after the war – so many things to run with and learn about!

Anna and her Mom pick lingonberries in the story to dye the yarn that will be used to make Anna’s new coat, so we had to try some! They were sour! Even when made into jelly! Tate LOVED them and has asked for more everyday since we tasted them!




We have learned a lot about wool, sheep shearing, carding, spinning, dyeing and weaving. SO much fun!




As usual, I have a lot more planned and we will be rowing this book for longer than one week.

The littles are still working on number recognition. A homemade busy bag that was a gift from Kayla made a great number activity for this week!


I quickly made a number inch worm one morning so they could not only match numbers but use glue. Glue is a huge hit!


I also had them do some pattern matching. I put some blocks together and gave them the same colors and told them to make the same pattern. They could not get this one their own! Something new to work on!



We did alphabet recognition review, even though they really know all the upper and lower case letters very well.


We still have a time in the morning where Chad plans an activity for the three youngest ones. I am running around during this half hour trying to get some things done very quick like!! One day they played balloon tennis. It was loud! But they had a ball.




Blake and I spent a morning at the hospital with Tate. He was a brave boy who was stealing hearts all over that hospital! It is always fun to have the dynamics of just one child. We just need to make sure it does not always involve doctor’s appointments!



While we were in the changing room before Tate’s first appointment, we were trying to keep our little man happy. Selfies work. So we did that! Then we pulled the curtain and left Blake on the other side. Tate was giggling from his toes! So then we pulled the curtain again and I said “Let’s see if we can make Daddy disappear!” When we opened the curtain, Blake was conveniently gone. I have never seen Tate laugh so hard! Then I said “Let’s see if we can make Daddy reappear!” as I pulled the curtain shut and then open again and Blake conveniently reappeared. By the time we had done this three or four times, I had ruined all my make-up because we were all laughing so hard I had tears running down my face! What a hoot. I bet the nurse that came to get us thought we were nuts.


I stopped to take this photo as we headed to the hospital that day. It is warming up here, and the snow is melting fast! Guess I don’t need to say how the views from this ridge are never, never ever, lost on us!


Tomorrow, folks, is FRIDAY!!!

We have a big day tomorrow – but don’t worry – I will take some photos to share with you later!!

Have a great Friday everyone!!


  1. Connie says:

    Love the fun times you have! Really like the clothes pin with letters on them idea for letter recognition. Great idea!

    My niece and her husband just got their little boy home from the Congo today. He has been their’s for 3 years but just finally getting him home, and it was on his new daddy’s birthday!

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