Ni Hao!!!

(this is being written at 6:30 a.m. Sunday morning!)

We made it! Praise be to God!

Our first flight was over an hour late, although we still do not know why. This gave us an opportunity to spend more time with the children….but it did not make the goodbyes any easier!









Thank you for praying us to our connection! When we got to Chicago, we made a mad dash through that huge airport to get to our gate, with one pit stop on the way to safely fuel my body with a delicious green smoothie!


Do you think they have Jamba Juice here in Guangzhou? Oh, sorry, I regress…

When we got to the check-in counter, the gal took our passports and then said, “Where have you been? We have been looking all over for you!” Not a good sign…..but thankfully they had not given away our seats on a very booked flight. There was a mess checking in, as the gal in La Crosse had not booked us the whole way through, so by the time they straightened that all out, it was time to board the plane. As we went to board, Blake’s boarding pass would not scan, so we were all back at the check-in desk to fix it again. That was RIGHT where God wanted us, as a man in a uniform and yellow vest walked in, heard what was going on and said, “Are you Blake? I just now have your five suitcases and will personally be making sure they get on this plane.” I could have kissed that man!

Our flight was uneventful (although VERY bumpy for long periods of time) until about four hours before we were to land in Hong Kong when Addie started throwing up. I have never seen so many people move so fast in such a small space in the dark! Poor Addie was so motion sick and it got the best of her.


We arrived at the Garden Hotel, after a three hour van ride, at about 9:30 p.m. last night. (That is China time, Saturday night.) It is an AMAZING place! We are living in luxury!



We slept from midnight to about 5:30 a.m. on a huge, very hard, king size bed. Addie has her own bed (I wonder if it is softer?!) and is still sleeping as I type. When I asked Blake if he slept good he said, “Like I was in a coma.” Me too.

Today is a free day until we meet with our guides and the four other Lifeline families that are here at 4:30 p.m.

Only ONE MORE SLEEP till little Miss Eliza Claire is in our arms!!!!!

Share in our praises!

*That we made our connecting flight! (my legs are still burning from that three mile run!)

*That all of our luggage made it too!

*That our seats were in the very last row on that huge 777 – right by the bathrooms and where all the flight attendants were. Exactly where we needed to be when Addie was so sick!

*That a sweet old Chinese lady who was sitting next to me traded seats with Blake (he was in front of us) when Addie starting getting sick, so that Blake could help us. (She started getting sick not too long after Addie, and would wave her finger at Blake every time she was. I think that finger was saying “Don’t you know that I can’t be around people who are throwing up without throwing up myself?”)

*That once the plane landed, we were able to get Addie settled down long enough to get some motion sick medicine in her for the long van ride. It worked! Praise! Praise!



Please pray with us!

*For our day tomorrow as we meet Eliza! Pray for her especially.

*For our paperwork while we are here, that we will have all we need, and all paperwork processes will go smoothly.

*For Addie to regain her strength after a long day yesterday.

*For the children at home.

Oh my goodness!!! WE ARE IN CHINA!!!!


  1. The Ritters says:

    Praise the Lord! We have been checking for a post continuously. We are so thankful for all of God’s handiwork. We will be praying for you and your first meeting with Eliza – and for ADDIE! Oh Addie, how you were on my heart yesterday. Now I know why. We love you all.

    • Steph says:

      Thank you all for your prayers!! They are SUSTAINING us, giving us STRENGTH, and the ability through God’s grace to do this!!! Addie is awake now and doing well!!!! Love you guys!

  2. Kayla says:

    OH MY WORD! You’re in china! Glad I thought to check the blog cause I have been dying to hear from you!

    The boys loved the pictures!! So good to see! And the crib.. my heart skipped a beat. its tomorrow she will be there in that room with you!
    much love,

  3. Gail says:

    Does that mean all your food made it? We are praising God that it did, assuming that it did.

    Why do I cry every time I read this stuff! I am so happy for you.

    How are you and Blake doing?

    • Steph says:

      It ALL made it!!!! Quit crying, you are making ME cry!!! Blake and I are doing great….sharing hugs and kisses often, communicating well, and handled all the stresses of yesterday super well! Praising God for His grace!!!!!!

  4. Kelly says:

    Have been anxiously awaiting this post!!! All my friends have been asking if you made it as well! Sure hope Addie is feeling better and like Kayla the crib made my heart skip a beat! Still praying for all of you. Love you lots.
    PS Mike being home was great timing to distract the worried parents!!! 😉

  5. Debi says:

    Oh my, my heart is racing with excitement for you!
    Praising God for His hand of provision carrying you to each destination on your journey. Oh I can’t wait to see that sweet baby girl with her family. Prayers of praise to God and asking Him to meet ALL of your needs now and throughout the rest of your journey.
    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, I am so excited for you all!

    • Steph says:

      Thank you for your excitement for us and for your support!!! And for your phone call the other day about Addie’s ear infection!! Keep praying!!! We can feel your prayers!!

  6. Forsters says:

    Oh this is all SO EXCITING!!! We are rejoicing with you, and praying lots! 🙂 Does this all seem like a dream now that you are finally in China?! We’re glad to hear you made it all the way, safely. Addie, we’re sorry to hear you felt so sick on the plane! We’ll pray that ALL of you feel very well during your time there, and for the trip back. There is so much to thank God for already, and so much to praise Him for! We look forward to hearing more updates! I can’t imagine how excited you must be about tomorrow, and finally having little Eliza in your arms!!
    Love to you all,
    The Forsters

    • Steph says:

      Oh you guys!! Thank you for your prayers!!! It IS a dream!! A dream come true!!! You cannot wipe the smile off of our faces right now!!!

  7. Sandra Endress says:

    “awesome” the bumpy ride was – like Six Flags he said – and then 2 minutes later, he was the first to throw up in the plane.. You could hear all the paper bags being opened after that…the power of suggestion. Love the pictures…they are worth a thousand words…and that little crib in the corner….it’ll soon be filled…if you let her out of your arms long enough to let her sleep that is.

    • Steph says:

      So sorry for the long wait for a post! We couldn’t stay awake any longer! And the photos take a long time to upload, so we got them started and let them upload while we were in our comas…..I am mean sleeping :0)
      Your story is TOO funny!! We were not thinking it was like a ride at Six Flags, that is for sure!!
      Not sure I will put Eliza down AT ALL while we are here ;0)
      Love you, friend!!!!

  8. Sandra Endress says:

    Hey!!! Half my post is gone! So I’ll repeat…It’s about time you posted….you can’t keep us waiting so long! I think I checked my email at least 7 times since you left the states. Thankful you are there …in CHINA …can you believe it! Miss Addie Mae reminds me of our last 2 hours on our trip to Korea. The crazy American guy next to me kept telling me how ….(now read the 2nd half)

  9. Tammy says:

    I’ve been waiting for the confirmation that God answered prayers for your travels–there was never a doubt in my mind that He would work out all the details. It is such a blessing to read just how His hand worked on your travels to China. Praise be to the Lord for His hand in this journey!

  10. Tracy Spenst says:

    I’m so excited you’re finally there! Sorry that Addie Mae had such a rough time, but thankful you had something for her for the van ride. My two oldest girls and I carry motion sickness meds with us at all times, so we feel her pain! We’re excited to see how this day goes for you. I’m praying for Eliza in particular that she will bond with you all.

    God bless

    • Steph says:

      We, too, are thankful that we had meds with us! We have had so many good tips as we prepared!
      Thanks for your prayers, Trace!

  11. tyra says:

    So excited to see you guys in China. I’ve been thinking about you all… Can’t wait to see that precious little girl in your arms soon. Praying for you all. <3
    PS- I don't know if you have WeChat, but it's a cool free app to use in China to talk back and forth to people here (video, voice, text are free). 🙂

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