New Words

*This finishes my blogging catch up….five new posts in a row!

Tate has been home three short weeks, and is already saying SO many words!

The other day he held up his hands and said “Where did Joe B go?” (Lane’s nickname is Joe B!)

He is starting to ask for water or milk instead of using the sign “drink!”

It seems like his English is just taking off – and he always repeats anything you ask him to.

We have been teaching him his name!

Check this out:

My personal favorite is when I am about to tell Tate no, and he says “Tate, No, No!” first!

Little charmer you are, Tate!

We love you Tate Owen!!

Good job on all your new words!!


  1. Connie says:

    Thank you for all 5 posts! It is so nice to be able to stay connected to you in this way. I am so thankful that you have the big girls to be helping you. I know they truly are a huge blessing! Love the photo of you and Tate watching the kite. Precious! Joy abounds at the Moschel home. Love it!!!

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