Never Enough Praise!!

What. a. day!

Even though it was a bitterly cold 4 degrees (with a real feel of -1) (yes, that said negative one) this morning when we left for Madison, the roads were mostly dry, and our trip was uneventful. Praise, praise!!




We arrived at the hospital and found where we were supposed to be. Then we opened our lunch to eat before Eliza’s appointment. I bet we looked pretty funny as we all ate out of a huge tub of salad….but it was SO yummy! (Thanks, Addie Mae!!!)


The wait for our new doctor was not long. Eliza loved the squeaky chalkboard. The rest of us? Not so much in love with the squeaky chalkboard.




We learned today that Eliza has a Dermal Sinus Tract. GOD IS SO GOOD!! This is a very, very slight “hallmark” of spina bifida, and the surgeon said it is so slight that we would not even find info about it on the spina bifida association website!! (I looked. There is info there, but only one sentence and it was hard to find.) This also means that Eliza never has had surgery on her back before. Her “scar” is not really a scar, but it is the way her skin closed in that area. WOW!

Praise, Praise, Praise!! Yes, Eliza still needs surgery to untether her cord, but because she has this “type” of spina bifida, she will have a less than 5% chance of her cord retethering in her lifetime!!!

I am now working on phone calls to get insurance approval and to schedule a pre-op physical, a urodynamics study, and surgery for Eliza. Our surgeon told us that she can easily get this all in by the end of the year!! PRAISE!!! Thank you for your prayers!!



As we got back into the van to come home, with a breath full of emotion and tears I asked Blake, “How could we ever possibly give the Lord enough praise?!” He answered, “By bringing another one home. By obeying the Lord, and bringing another one home.”


Mr. Tate, we are coming for you. If we left tomorrow, it would not be soon enough. We are so blessed. We are so blessed!


  1. Tracy says:

    What wonderful news!!!!! We are praising God with you all! 🙂 We will certainly be praying for the upcoming surgery and recovery. So exciting!!!!

  2. Connie says:

    Praise the Lord!!!!!! I have tears of joy for you. What wonderful news in so many ways. So thankful to God for all of His blessings. Great things He has done!

  3. Tammy says:

    I have chills reading about God’s extravagant love, grace, and blessings in this situation. Praise be to HIM alone!

    Love and prayers, Moschel family!

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