My “gonna be a new mama” instincts have kicked in, and we are spending a rainy day nesting! So thankful for the rain! And all my smiling good helpers that make work a blast!!

Kayla is running errands for me, sweet girl. She will be back soon!






This little man just woke up! At 9:30 a.m.! Slept twelve hours last night! It was finally hot here yesterday, and we worked outside most of the day and then swam. After cleaning ourselves up we had a quick dinner and headed to church for a special drama presentation – it was awesome! But a big day and a late night made for a sleepy boy!


Our caseworker called me yesterday – with an e-mail warning first that the phone call was coming and it was not any big news! She knows me too well! I don’t breathe when I see her number on my cell phone!! Sweet girl read scripture to me that was on her heart and then prayed over me and the whole family. I am going to need to hug her someday. Hopefully someday soon, very soon.

Break is over! Back to nesting mama mode!!