My Man

My amazing man is getting a year older today.


The love I have for this man runs so deep.


He leads our family with a faith that I wish I could achieve.


A faith that makes our choices look a little odd to the world.


But a faith that makes our choices seem very right.


I stand amazed at the gift the Lord gave me when he brought Blake into my life.


I could have never imagined the journey our life together would be.


We have had our share of hard times, but the Lord used them all to make our bond even stronger.


Blake’s strength and steady personality have been such a blessing in my life.


Those traits that he wears so easily have taken us so far.


It is an amazing privilege to spend each day being a help meet to my man.


I have not, and never ever will, take him for granted.


He has cherished me every single day since he met me.


And cherishes each of our children in the same exact way.


Sweetheart, you still make my stomach flip flop. You are the love of my life.


I am so thankful we get to be heirs together in the grace of life.


Happy Birthday to the most wonderful husband and father!



  1. Aunt Tracy says:

    Happy Birthday, Blake! I smiled when I woke up this morning, just glad it’s your birthday and we’ve all been blessed with another year with you. Thank you for being the strong son Mom needs. You give her so much comfort and confidence. I love you! And I thank the Lord for giving you to me for a brother! God bless your day!

  2. The Mayo's says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Moschel!!
    May the year ahead be filled with…growing closer to the Lord, each other, health, blessings and many sweet new memories made!
    We look forward to seeing pictures of what the birthday meal was! 🙂
    Many prayers and blessings~
    The Mayo Family

  3. Connie says:

    Happy Birthday, Blake! What a beautiful tribute to your husband, Stephanie. The joy of the Lord shines from both of your faces! So thankful to have your family as part of our lives.

  4. Daria says:

    I always thought he was a good guy as well! I had always hoped that I would find the type of guy that you did and God gave me a pretty good one as well! I will always remember who he impressed me with his homemade windshield wiper switch! I knew at that instant that he had talent! XOXO!

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