My Little Helper

Today, after we finished school, I grabbed a little helper and headed out to the doctor for an appointment I had.


One-on-one time won’t happen with these kiddos unless we purpose it.

When we walked out the door into the negative 4 degree world, I questioned my sanity with this decision.

But the sun is shining so beautifully, and when we kept the heat in the van at 90 degrees, we were quite comfortable!

I just had to stop at the lab today and get my blood drawn, again, because somehow the blood tests I just had done had been ruined.

It is so fun being me sometimes.

Eliza was a hoot, and was given two stickers when I was done.

Just for the compassion I know you all have – I will let you know I have never been offered stickers, and it usually takes more than one poke to get blood out of me.


After we were done there, we headed to what Lane calls “The Doctor’s Co-op”, simply because this Co-op is located in the town where our doctor is located.

I bought Eliza a $5 box of cereal that she was very adamantly telling me she wanted.

In my defense, the box had a monkey on the front.

I know, I know.

She happily munched on her cereal as we headed home.



The person who sees the doctor is usually the one who gets a treat, so in my mind this justified something for me too.

I found some macaroons that are safe for me and OH SO YUMMY.

Since there is not usually packaged food in my life (so fun being me, remember?), this was a HUGE treat!

And now I have the packages so Addie Mae can recreate them for me because they only had seven ingredients.


We stopped at Kayla’s on the way home since she only lives five minutes away.

Eliza wanted to stay at Kayla’s so bad, and so she did! Kayla said “Mom, this is just what I need!”

I bet they are having a blast and finishing that $5 box of cereal!


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