Miss Rumphius

I have been rowing the cutest book with Lane and Eliza this week!


We are still using our tic-tac-toe word boards, and Lane shows Eliza where to put her dot.

Lane’s reading skills and vocabulary skills have taken off with Five in a Row!


Because Miss Rumphius worked in one, we learned about the library, the Dewey decimal system, and read a great book about it all (the one on the left).

There was a Curious George episode about the library (Eliza loves George still!), and we are going to the library this afternoon to experience it all first hand!


We also opened a coconut, because in the story Miss Rumphius drank one. Grant helped with hacking the top off, and then we feasted on all its goodness inside.


We have opened coconuts before, but not since Eliza has been home.

Everyone else hesitated to put a piece of the coconut meat in their mouths to try it, except Eliza! She grabbed a huge piece and stuffed it in – that’s my girl!

Then she spit it all right back out. But I love her spirit!!

We made a delicious smoothie with the coconut water and the meat. We had to add more coconut water to make a smoothie big enough to serve us all, but God has blessed us with Costco for big family servings! We buy our coconut water there.


I sent the younger boys to the freezer to get some fruit, and they brought back every kind we own. So we made a banana, peach, mango, triple berry smoothie! And, no, that is not pepper on top – just some ground chia seeds to give all that fruit sugar some protein. Doesn’t that coconut meat look delicious?! It was!


We talked about the health benefits of electrolytes as I served the smoothies, because coconut water is full of them. It was delicious! Grant drank his and told me he could feel his white blood cells doing a dance.


Miss Rumphius was called The Lupine Lady because she planted lupine flower seeds to make the world more beautiful. We ran with this into the study of botany, seeds, flowers and their parts….there is just SO much to learn!

We watched two episodes of Magic School bus about plants and seeds.

We soaked, peeled, and examined the insides of pinto beans.




We also put some bean seeds on a wet paper towel in a baggie and hung them on the window.


We couldn’t fit this book into five days either – so we will keep rowing – and take time to document what happens to those seeds and finish the other things I have planned!


It is a beautiful day here! Blue and sunny – Praise the Lord!!!

Happy Thursday, everyone!!!!


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