Me and the Israelites

Early this morning when I woke up after not much sleep last night, the first thought I had was “If this were the day we were leaving for China, I would not be able to get on that plane.” I could barely stand up. It absolutely terrified me.

So I made it to the sunroom into the big comfy chair, and grabbed my Bible. The Lord filled my mind at that instant with Exodus 14 and the story of the Israelites leaving Egypt.

So I turned there. To Exodus 14.


In verse 2 the Lord told Moses to speak unto the children of Israel where they were supposed to go. And they went. It doesn’t say they asked any questions. But it does say that they were “tangled in the lands” and that “the wilderness had shut them in.”

In verse 4, the Lord told them that His name would be glorified! They went where the Lord told them to go, and His name would be glorified.

Even though, in verse 10 it says that the Israelites were “sore afraid.” So they “cried out unto the Lord.” And the Lord answers through Moses in verse 13 “Fear ye not, stand still.”

Yes, Lord. I see that I feel tangled right now. But you have called us, and you will finish this. I DO want your name to be glorified, always. Being this sick eight days before our trip terrifies me. But I knew what to do. The Israelites showed me the way. I cried unto the Lord. And the Lord filled me with peace…..fear not. Fear not! He also filled me with awe and praise for His doing in our lives!

We are always in awe of the beauty right outside our door.

We are always in awe of the beauty right outside our door!

Kayla drove me to the doctor this morning. Our doctor believes I have Lyme disease. The symptoms started on Saturday, but I kept blaming them on anything else. The doctor has started treating me with 40 days of antibiotics even though the blood tests won’t be back until next week, and are not very accurate anyway.


Share in our praises:

*That our doctor knows not to mess around with Lyme disease (we see a functional medicine doctor who thinks holistically)

*That even though Blake was not able to come to the doctor like he had hoped, the money wire to China that he was working on at that time finally got straightened out and went through

*That we have a pharmacy only 20 minutes away that can make medications like antibiotics for me so that they are safe for me to take

*After Kayla and my date being cut short yesterday, we got to spend more one-on-one time together today

*That we have AMAZING friends (THIS IS YOU ALL), who have sent comments, endless e-mails, and texts to keep us encouraged and who are praying for us

*That the sun is finally shining again, and the children have been outside all day redeeming the farm and having the time of their lives

*That two important packets of adoption paperwork that we will hand carry to China arrived by Fed Ex today just as they were supposed to

*That we have eight more days for me to get well

*That the Lord is blessing me into a forced state of rest…..exactly what I need before we leave for China


Thank you for your prayers. It brings me to tears to learn of so many of you being obedient to prayer. It is such an important part of life here on earth. Thank you.

I will close with a verse that came from a sweet friend on text yesterday. I have been meditating on this verse ever since:

“He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.” Psalm 91:4


  1. Jodie DeSmet says:

    I am so happy to hear there was a diagnosis and pray the antibiotic will make you feel much better soon! You and your family are an amazing testimony of your faith in our Lord Jesus Christ!!!! You always seem to handle all your trials with such grace and faith. It is a beautiful picture!

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