We have such AMAZING friends.

The kind who love the Lord, so they love us too.

The phone rang late in the day Wednesday telling us to check the front porch – and when we did, we found boxes FULL OF LOVE.

I have no words. Just tears.

Wish you could have heard the chatter and seen the excitement as we went through each and every thing….tasting most of it a.s.a.p!

My favorite was the bottled ginger ale.







Yesterday another friend arrived.

With enough soup for a banquet, and other needed things as well.

One of the soups is appropriately named “Healing Quinoa Soup.”

SO yummy!



I was encouraged Wednesday morning when I grabbed my phone to take a photo of the chalkboard.

It has been my way to keep track of everyone – and there was no medication given to Tate or Eliza yet and it was almost lunch time!



Speaking of lunch, there are never enough greens in our house!


I managed somehow to pull off a somewhat nice lunch that day! But this little man, along with some other kiddos, did not even touch their food.

Mr. Tate, I hope your precious smile returns soon.


Kayla ran to the store for me in the afternoon Wednesday.

Cause when you have so many needing cough syrup, it runs out fast.


I told her not to even touch the door knob.


Kayla said to me, “Mom, don’t let them get any bigger until you all are healthy again!”


Everyone is very slowly getting better here, all at a different pace.

Praise the Lord, I am still healthy!

I was blessed to sneak out during nap time to help Kayla get her groceries and make farm deliveries yesterday!

We stopped to get coffee and it was given to us for free!


I am starting to think next week we will be back in school and following our schedule and routines!

Thank you for your prayers, everyone!!


  1. Connie says:

    Still praying for all of you. So thankful that you are still healthy. Wondering if that schedule and routine you are hoping to be back to may be interrupted with a new arrival soon. Looking forward to hearing about Baby K!

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