It is Monday morning. Monday. Morning! I honestly was preparing my heart to wait ALL week and into next week to get the phone call we just received!! WE ARE LOA!!!! This basically means China said YES! Yes! We can adopt Eliza!! Yes!! Our LOA is being overnighted by FedEx to us. I have some paperwork to do, because I need to add that to the LOA and overnight it back to our agency in Birmingham tomorrow! I better get busy! Coffee. I need coffee!!! We are SO excited here!!!!!!!





  1. Sandra Endress says:

    I just poured myself a cup of coffee…gonna drink some in case you forget to in all the excitement! Who thought a Monday Morning could bring such good news! Rejoicing with you!

    • Steph says:

      You are so sweet, Tristan! Seeing how excited everyone is for us is doing our hearts GOOD! How is my favorite red headed rock star? Praying all is well there!

  2. Karen F says:

    Praise God! What wonderful news!!!! I was just praying for you guys this morning and then I came and saw this post! 🙂 I’m thanking the Lord with you.

  3. Debi Mangin says:

    So, so thankful to God for His mercy in speeding the process for you all. He is so good! So excited for the Moschel family. What a beautiful “labor ” of love. Continuing to pray!

    • Steph says:

      Thank you for your prayers!! Today certainly was a labor….of paperwork! I think we are about done for this round and ready to send that LOA back tomorrow!

  4. Ang says:

    Oh Steph, I’m a little late with it but CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is such fabulous news. I love how God works out the timing to impact even the flight attendant who will serve you on your trip your China. And I love how He blesses the people I love.

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