Littles With Sniffles

I am home today with two littles.


Two littles with some seriously runny noses.

Kayla took the rest of the kiddos to Grandma Lillie’s house to help, to clean, and I am sure eat a lunch fit for a king.

Grandma Lillie’s house always means a very yummy meal.

We had soup for lunch.


And I was very thankful that the other kiddos were not sitting across the table when Eliza sneezed a mouthful of soup that landed right where they would have been.

That was fun to clean up!

These munchkins are still in their pjs.

And for most of the morning also had on hooded sweat shirts with the hoods up.


I have tissues placed at low levels in each room with a trash can by each box.

Yes. I like to plan ahead.


We have cuddled, read books, played cards, made some waffles for the freezer, ate (and sneezed) some soup, colored, built a fort with blankets, glued, cut with scissors….


It has been a fun filled littles day!!

I am also watching the grand pup for Kayla.

She is SO high maintenance, can you tell?


There might have been a blender full of chunky monkey made.

Ok, there was.

But the sweet pea that asked for it has the most adorable Asian eyes, and even said please.


We will be praying that Eliza will be well enough for her sedated Urodynamics study and MRI this Wednesday in Madison. Runny nose, go away!

Praise the Lord the sun is shining!!

Time for some hangman with a little man in camouflage!

Happy Monday, everyone!