Life Lately

Why, hello there!

I am sorry to say this post will probably mostly be just a pile of photos!

I want them in my scrapbook when I print it someday. We printed our blog for 2014 and 2015 into books, and they are so neat to have as our family scrapbooks now!


We have been busy as usual, with the same old things and a lot of new things.

The weather around these parts has been crazy cold, snowy, windy, icy, rainy, cloudy, and did I mention freezing cold?

I took this photo on April 5th as I headed to town late in the afternoon, after my van sat up by the house for a couple of hours. Yes, I said April 5th!


In the same day we have had a beautiful sunrise, a front roll in, and then snow.




Finally on Saturday we started seeing the sun again! It felt so good, even though it was 20 degrees outside! My crew got an early start working outside anyway, and did some spring cleaning and burning.



These cold days have had us inside a lot, but we seem to keep busy as ever! School is moving along, and our afternoons are filled with getting ready to move, games, play, and we have been watching a show called “How Things Are Made.” It is Lane’s favorite! He loves to pull things apart to see how they work!










With Addie Mae at work half days right now, I am the master chef! I am thrilled to say I love to work in the kitchen, as always! I have went away from our rotating meal plan, although we made need to go back to it when we get closer to moving. I have been trying all sorts of new recipes and have been having a blast! I also keep my little side kick at my side, which she LOVES. Our next master chef in the making!


This Moroccan Quinoa was a hit!


I am really enjoying making breakfast too.



I hide lots of good stuff in a smoothie. Like chia seeds, coconut oil, avocado, greens….don’t tell the kids!!


Since Saturday, this neck of the woods has been slowly warming up! Emphasis on slowly! So we have been getting outside to play each day, which feels like a dream.




I brought some toys to the sidewalk for the littles yesterday, and because we were having friends over. Tate squatted down, gave the toy mower a good look, and then said to me, “Mom, this is not a vacuum! What is it called?!” Isn’t that cute!? I don’t think Tate has ever asked me what something is called before!


Speaking of friends visiting, we had a great night of fellowship here over the weekend with some old and some new friends! The new friends are now old friends! We had a BLAST.





All this crazy, crazy makes for some tired kiddos!



Just six days after Tate’s adoption day in court, his new birth certificate arrived!


We had one of our favorite people pick up the middle boys one evening, and they got to eat at Clyde’s place and then go bowling for Lane’s birthday! My oldest girl has this birthday stuff right on! We have no need for more stuff – but to make memories with her siblings instead is such a blessed thing. It makes my heart sing!


I got out some nuts to snack on yesterday morning. That Tate! I sometimes think he knows what I am thinking! He does not miss a beat, I am telling you! Once he came running, his partner in crime wasn’t too far behind. So they were eating nuts off the counter. Tate was standing on his tip toes to be able to reach. So much I never want to forget!!


It is raining today, but we are hoping for our sunny days to return soon! The weather app on my phone shows a promise of great things on their way – like 70 degrees!!! I may need to be sedated if it really does not happen. We are relishing in every moment we have left here on the farm – even though it is VERY quiet with only two horses. The views from this ridge we call home are still one of my favorite things.

003 - Copy (2)

005 - Copy (2)

004 - Copy (2)

Well, there is life lately! Kinda, sorta! Through a whole bunch of random photos!

Life is good! We are so blessed! The tears have left! As we enter this new season, we are so excited! We feel united, connected, focused, and ready to press on! Praise the Lord!

Have a great rest of your Wednesday everyone!


  1. Connie says:

    Absolutely loved the photos of the boys together on the couch! Precious! And Clyde has grown so much! Amazing all the changes that have taken place in your lives in so short a time. Thank you for sharing.

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