Last, But Definitely Not Least!

Poor Grant has had to wait the longest out of everyone here at home for Eliza to warm up to him. He has patiently and wisely pursued bonding with her, knowing that she would not be able to resist his dimples forever! She is finally as smitten with him now as he has always been with her.

And they make quite the pair.





This is our first quiet-no-place-to-be-no-one-coming-over-(that we know of!)-day we have had in a looonnngg time. And it is raining! Which puts all work outside on hold too! However, we have had a significant bladder change with Eliza, and are waiting on a call back from Pediatric Specialties….so this stay-at-home day may not last too long. I got myself ready, packed the diaper bag to the brim, and have Blake on stand-by in case we need to head to the hospital. Please pray with us for wisdom for all involved and that we would only put Eliza through what is absolutely necessary (if anything)!


  1. Kirstin says:

    We will be praying today! I don’t know how she resisted Grant for so long… that smile!! I always notice that he is always smiling in almost every picture you share… and what a smile. I am not surprised it melted Eliza’s heart!

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