Last But Certainly Not Least

David’s family hosted a beautiful rehearsal dinner on Friday night. It was such a blessing that the church had two reception halls (I know!), so they were able to have the dinner catered right there to us!

The decorations were amazing! The food looked amazing too!!




At the dinner, Blake stood up to share part of a poem that Kayla had written to Blake and I in January 2009 when she was 15 years old:

I write this poem with a special request,
Please protect my heart, keep it at its best.
One pure and true, shining a new.
A light in the dark, that’s what it will do.
And when that special young man comes asking for me,
You can give him it whole, not broken in three.
For it was protected, spotless, and true,
Not broken in pieces like the world’s prone to do.
Through love it was kept, and love it be given.
With the Lord’s guiding hands, I trust your decision.
Take this small token, a promise from me
To keep my heart pure, as you oversee.
And if the Lord will,
It may be passed to my groom on our blessed wedding day.
I love you, dear parents.
May the Lord guide your way.

Blake gave David the silver heart pendant that was attached to the poem when Kayla gave it to us all those years ago. What an amazing blessing for Blake to pass on the protection of Kayla’s heart to a man like David. We love him so much.

After dinner, our Pastor led the rehearsal. It went smoothly and was very organized!



We were up bright and early Saturday morning, as us girls were heading to the church to get ready while Blake stayed at home with the boys and Eliza to get ready. I made a breakfast bar of muffins, butters, oatmeal, orange juice and coffee for us gals and left some for the guys at home too!


Our bride was beaming!! And eating gummy bears!!







Our get ready time was relaxing and enjoyable! Photos started for us girls with the photographer. Some were taken inside, and then we headed outside for the rest. I got a text after my hubby saw me from way across the parking lot – “Hello. My name is Blake. You look fantastic. I love you!” I love you too, honey! We had not seen each other much last week! He looked fantastic too!!

The wedding was beautiful!!! David and Kayla had written their own vows and they were so beautiful. The music was beautiful. The message was amazing. Everything was perfect. All to the glory of God!!

We personally did not take any photos after we were dressed and ready for the ceremony to begin! I do have just one photo from the reception though…..after David and Kayla cut their cake, they put on aprons and served the guests at the reception!!

server cropped

And I will leave you with a few sneak peaks from our super talented photographer Hannah….just so you know that waiting for the rest of the photos of this most amazing day will be SO worth the wait!!!





Our hearts are full!!! From everyone who gave of their time and talents to make this day special, to those who traveled from so far to bless us with your presence, and for all of those who were diligent to prayer on our behalf……we could never find the words to thank you enough. We haven’t stopped talking about the day since -sharing stories of ALL the blessings that abounded that day.

David and Kayla are on a two-week honeymoon – which has been their secret!! We have no idea where they went!! Isn’t that fun??!! I do know, without a shadow of a doubt, that they are having the time of their lives.

We love you David and Kayla!!!! Congratulations!!!!!


  1. Lisa says:

    Okay. I’m finding myself checking this daily again like I did when you were in China. I can hardly wait to see more pictures. BEAUTIFUL wedding. Even more “beautifuller” family. Love you all so much.

    • Steph says:

      Thank you for ALL your help! We could not have done it without friends like you. It brings tears to our eyes every time we talk about Saturday and all the people that were involved to bless us SO much!
      You will have to wait for the photographer’s photos now – I do not have any more!!! ;0)
      Love you all so much too. So much!

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