It’s Starting To Look A Lot Like Christmas

In keeping with tradition, we went and cut down our Christmas tree yesterday! We were thankful for a very warm day in the high 30’s, but the above freezing temperature and beautiful sunshine made for a sloppy ride there and an even sloppier walk up the trail to find the perfect tree.

We decided to have Eliza ride in the backpack, because she is still terrified of the snow, and won’t put her feet anywhere near it. She did great once she settled in for the ride!





I love this tradition! We always have so much fun walking through the tree farm looking for our tree! We think Eliza even enjoyed herself! I can’t wait to see what Tate will do next year!




Last year our tree was so fat, that we had to pay more attention to detail this year. I think we did a pretty good job!











I had a panic attack when I realized we had only 19 days until we needed to be completely ready for Christmas because of Eliza’s surgery!! I gave myself a little “talkin’ to” and had to lower my expectations, including canceling an overnight trip we had planned….but it is still starting to look a lot like Christmas around here!



  1. JeriLyn says:

    I gasped for breath when I saw Grant on that sled with the saw in his hand. Maybe I’ve witnessed too many Moschel mishaps (or maybe it’s the numerous Frisbie foul ups clouding my perspective . . .not sure)??!! Glad to know the day went so well! Beautiful tree!

    • Steph says:

      So, we needed an ambulance ONE time while we were with you (we still talk about the entire fire department showing up that day!!)….Grant is the most agile Moschel so far!

  2. Tracy says:

    It sounds like you and I will be doing the “hospital thing” the same week. Dad Spenst has carotid artery surgery the 16th. He’ll spend the night, so I’m taking him while Nolan stays with Mom S. Since he’s not able to lift over 10 lbs. for two weeks there’s been a lot of creative figuring on how to care for Mom. Please pray it all goes well. Eliza is in our prayers, as always, and I trust all will be well.

    God bless,
    Tracy 🙂

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