It’s Friday!

The last three four weeks have been a jumbled blur for me.

But today, it is Friday.

I know that because when I woke up this morning I checked.

After we finished our Friday house cleaning, Mr. Super Cute In His Glasses was begging for school.

Crazy, I know.

How could I think anything was more important at that moment than saying “Sure!”

So we finished our last day of “rowing” Katy and the Big Snow.


A little while back, I switched up school, and started doing Five In A Row with the two littlest.


The idea is to read the same book five days in a row and then just pick things out of the book to study further.

There is a curriculum for this, which I could not justify spending the money on, so I am winging it on my own using the internet as my help!

With this book we have already studied snow verses rain, weather patterns, warm and cold fronts, community helpers, measuring, a compass and directions. And we made countless snow flake crafts.

Today we learned about the phone, phone numbers and 911.

Then we learned about traffic signs!

Eliza squealed with delight when I handed her some open glue.

That girl is so easy to please.


Since weaning Eliza off of Curious George has been harder than weaning her off those pain meds….we watched a Curious George episode about traffic signs!


We also finished building our own city of Geoppolis.



With snow and all.


Next up?



Should have these two munchkins speaking French by the end of next week!

Not only is it Friday, but it is 2015!! Happy, happy end-of-the-holidays weekend everyone!!


  1. Connie says:

    What a wonderful idea with reading the book and taking things from the book to learn about. Love it! Makes me wish I had some do over days. I can understand why Lane asked for school! May blessings abound for you!

  2. valerie says:

    Bonne annee!!! Et bonne santet!!! Meilleurs voeux pour 2015!
    Sorry, I couldn’t resist, I follow your blog, I am near Chicago and I’m French… 🙂

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