It’s Friday!

Our week this week has been quieter than past weeks!

For that I am very thankful!!

Our out-of-state friends did visit Saturday, and Tate did PERFECTLY!

Eliza had a very hard time while they were here though, and then a harder afternoon. A long nap helped!

I have been digging in my heals for Eliza’s sake. Knowledge is power! That might attribute to the quiet around here, because I have been doing a lot of studying. The Lord also gave me the idea to call our family doctor to see about therapy in that direction (Viroqua) instead of the main hospital where we are on the waiting list. The therapist from Viroqua called me the next day, we had a long chat, and she is checking on our insurance and getting everything set up! Praise the Lord!!


Tate was not happy that I left on Sunday for Kayla’s shower.

We are very happy about that! He is bonding to me more everyday!

I took this photo as Addie and I were about to drive away!


Blake has been busy around here, as we had water coming in the walls during a storm (from the pitch of the roof over the guest room), a wasp nest in the gable outside Addie’s room that filled her room with wasps one evening, a bat flying the halls upstairs during the night one night, and a kitchen faucet that would not shut off.

Life at its best!

Then the brakes went out in the truck again and Blake had some cute helpers when he fixed them Saturday afternoon!


Blake came home early on Wednesday so that I could take the three oldest kiddos to visit all of our dear friends at Family Camp! We weren’t able to attend Family Camp this year like in years past – for obvious reasons – but were so thankful to visit for the evening!


Tate and Eliza have had a very good week this week!

Cuddling with Addie and watching Leap Frog’s The Letter Factory might have had something to do with that!


Maybe, just maybe, our new normal is starting to take root!!



Whether it is or not, life is so very sweet right now.

As hungry as we are for fellowship, I think we will look back on these last weeks of cocooning with fond, bittersweet memories!!!

Praise the Lord, it’s Friday!

Happy weekend, everyone!!