It’s Christmas Season

It may be Christmas season, but we still have a whole lot of regular stuff going on around here!

This morning Eliza had an appointment at our local hospital for routine x-rays and to see the orthopedic doctor.


She is SUCH A JOY! As we walked into the hospital and saw all of the Christmas decorations and Christmas trees she said “MOOMMM! This doctor has Christmas here! It is so beautiful!! I love this doctor so much!!”

Sweet baby, you are SO cute!


The x-rays showed that everything is stable! She will be checked again in six months!


Being at the hospital can wear a girl out!


We did not have the opportunity to follow our tradition of walking through a Christmas tree farm to choose and cut down our tree this year.

So my darling hubby stopped and picked one up on his way home….at Menards. Ahem.

Once we decked it out, it turned out beautiful!





The weather feels far from Christmas like, or winter like, or Wisconsin like! It has been unseasonably warm, and we do not have one flake of snow.

But making some spice cookies helped it feel like winter!


I really am not complaining about the weather – it has been so nice! And you will never hear a complaint about this ridge top we live on – well – because of this –


Hope you are savoring the beautiful skies the Lord provides and this Christmas season that is all about Him as well!

Tomorrow, folks, is FRIDAY!!

Happy Friday, you all!!!


    • Steph says:

      Our Menard’s tree is actually very nice! I worry about it drying out too soon since it was pre-cut. Time will tell! Thank you for your prayers! I miss you and your smile SO much! Love you!

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