In The Stillness

Awhile back, I was driving up our ridge on my way home to the farm, when I saw two trees up on a hill.

It surprised me, because I have driven up and down this ridge thousands of times over the last eight and a half years and I do not remember seeing them before.

This ridge is beyond beautiful, and I relish in its beauty every time I drive its hills.

I slowed down, almost to a stop, just to take in the beauty of those two trees.

They just looked like they were standing there guarding this ridge.

The next time I came up the ridge with the four youngest kiddos in the van with me, I pointed out those two trees.

Chad and I commented how we would love to go and see where they really were!

And stand underneath all of their glorious beauty!

Last Friday I was headed up the ridge on my way home, alone this time.

My eye caught those beautiful trees again, and I praised the Lord for their beauty and how they had captured my heart.

In the stillness of my heart, the Holy Spirit spoke to me right then.

These trees are my encouragement to you.

These trees are my encouragement to you in the waiting.

I stopped the van.

And then I realized.

It all came together in my mind and heart for the first time.

Twin Oaks.

Twin Oaks, our new home.

When I told my people around the dinner table that evening about this incredible gift the Lord had given me, Addie Mae about jumped out of her chair.

She had just noticed the trees on her way up the ridge for the first time that evening.

They had left an impression on her too.

God is SO good that way.

Be still and listen.

He will speak to your heart in ways you never could imagine.


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