Holding On Tight

If the Lord sees fit to have our move go through this time, our days here at Adoni Acres are numbered.

We are holding on tight.

SO many memories, SO many blessed, blessed things.

We will miss this beautiful place we have called home so much.

We will also miss our foster horses dearly.

The boys take care of them, brush them, and love on them every single day.

This past weekend we moved them up to the paddock so they could munch down all the fresh overgrown grass there.

In years past our goats would keep the paddock mowed down.

Blake decided to move two of the horses up at a time, based on the number of horse helpers we had that day.

Gambler and Shaggy were first.

I do not know much about horses – but I do know they do NOT like to be separated.

Gridlock was nervous!

Chad did a great job keeping him calm until Blake and Grant came back for him.

All four of the horses lead so nicely!

Once they were all back together again, they were very happy to mow down our paddock!

We are also holding on tight to the time we have to love on our kitties.

They will be staying here at Adoni Acres, because we know it would not be good to move them from this ridge they have roamed over the years.

We have four right now, and two of them have been with us since our very first month on the farm.

Meet Libby.

Sweetest girl and mama ever – and our most fierce hunter.

Meet Rigby.

He came to us already a couple years old, and is the farm’s grandpa.

Meet O’Malley.

Given to us by the sweetest friends a couple of years ago – he is the first cat to be in right at your side every time you step out of the house.

Which is why this is the best photo I could get of him!

And then there’s Toby.

A cuddly sweet little stray who was delivered to us by our neighbors right around Christmas time last year.

We are SO busy, as you can imagine.

First, I am being purposeful to make sure all of the kiddos are getting my attention and time.

I am also stopping to love on those kitties a lot more than usual each time I head out the door.

I find myself talking to the horses a lot too, loving on their necks and breathing in their sweet horse smell.

Adoni Acres, you are the most beautiful place, and the Lord has blessed us more than we ever could have dreamed during our eight and a half years here.

Twin Oaks, you are an equally beautiful place – and I know the best is yet to come.

Even through our tears, we all know the best is yet to come!


  1. Gail Blum says:

    We just had 6 kittens yesterday. You are welcome to as many as you want. They should have very gentle spirits if they are like their mom, sister, and sister’s kittens.

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