Praise the Lord!

Blake and Grant arrived safely in Hohhot, and I was able to Skype with them late last night…..

…and then again already this morning!

When they answered my call this morning, they had visitors!!

The Samuels family!!!!


What an encouragement to my heart to see them and to be able to visit with them over Skype!

The guys will be meeting their guide at 10:30 p.m. our time tonight in the lobby of their hotel and Tate will be brought to them there!!

We are clear excited!

We also learned that they will not be able to visit Tate’s orphanage like we hoped.

I am thankful we do have some photos from other families who have been there.

Tate is just going to sleep for the last time in the orphanage. In the morning he will have a long ride to get to Hohhot.

I am allowing myself a lot of grace with my emotions today…..cause they are all over the place!

Please continue to pray with us!

Tate Owen, we can’t wait to meet you!!!


  1. Hillary says:

    We are so excited for y’all! Praying for little Tate and your family today!! Can’t wait to see him placed in their arms.

  2. JoEllen says:


    As I just read your last three posts my hearts swells as to how the Lord is working in your lives from here to all the way to there. My tears were too much as I saw the pictures of goodbyes but soon they will be tears of hellos. I am so very thankful that the guys are having a safe trip. I pray for Tate for his travels. For the meeting of his new family. For Eliza (bless her little heart) and for the rest of you to have strength (physical and emotionally) while Blake & Grant are gone. God is good and we can see that as to how he is using you and your family. Thank you for your posts. Such inspiration and helps to know how to pray specifically. God bless you all!

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