His Eye Is On The Sparrow

I will never forget the very first time this song spoke to my heart.

It was when four girls from the same family sang it in church one Sunday years ago when we lived in Illinois.

The Lord touched my heart with this song again today.

The Lord has always been so generous with timely truths in my life.

When Jesus is my portion? My constant Friend is He:
His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me.

Jesus is my portion.

My constant Friend is He.

And I am SO thankful. So thankful.


For mornings that bring littles for cuddles….


For constant craziness and noise as a cowgirl rides by and a ball is bounced through the kitchen….



For how well a little one has learned to sit quietly during Bible time, even if it involves stickers….


For the Lord’s protection (and dishes to wash) when our dishwasher’s electrical panel burnt up….


For hearts knit together….


For a night out with new friends….


For school around our kitchen table….


For wanting to be just like Mommy…..


For 26 years (TODAY!) with my amazing man….

(Happy Anniversary, honey!)


AND the sun is shining brightly through the bitter cold temperatures. Praise the Lord for sunshine!

Been blessedly busy around here! Loving every single second!

Happy sunny day, you all!


  1. Aunt Tracy says:

    Happy Anniversary! You two have been on my mind all day! I’ve been praying for you and hoping you had a wonderful day. I had to laugh when I saw the old photo because I’d forgotten about Blake working on growing a mustache! Boy, that seems like so long ago, yet just like yesterday. May God bless you with many years, many more blessings, and the joy of Tate with you for your next anniversary! I love you!

  2. The Mayo's says:

    Happy Anniversary!
    I must add a bit to this,
    I was looking at this post with Sam….
    I say, oh that lil-cow girl really is a sweetie, does it look to you like all the children are growing up,? we need to go visit soon. Oh, Daddy & mom would love to go on a date with them….he say’s “yes, I love to play with all the kids & toys there, what’s a heat thing do we use one”? Continues….”oh it’s their anniversary, sweet” he says… “oh, their Momma looks just the same only her hair is shorter & hum, the Daddy….oh I see he looks like Grant and Lane”!
    Do you love children’s hearts, eyes and words!?!
    We love you all & keeping you in prayer,
    Lori for all

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