He Cares About The Details

This is a “God is in the details” story.

A story that amazed us SO much.

I will start at the beginning…

Kayla listed a bunch of things for me on Craig’s List.

And a gal contacted us about three of those things and then made a plan to come last Thursday and purchase them.

We exchanged cell phone numbers so we could text directions. And we did.

When she and her husband walked up to our door, it was dark, cold, and they had to drive through huge drifts to get down our driveway.

Instantly the gal says, “Do you have weddings here?”

In my head my voice is screaming “SAY NO, SAY NO…we cannot have a wedding here this year with Tate coming home!”

But instead I sweetly said “Yes, we do!”


Then she asked if we had a specific wedding here already, which we did.

They were at it! And they live an hour and a half away!

Eliza started fussing, so I said “Eliza, come here to Mommy.”


The gal says “Eliza?” “What are your names??”

When I told her she says “We have been praying for you!!!!!”


They know our friends from up north and are in a Bible study with them.


So…..IT GETS BETTER. Stay with me here!

We sold them a stroller from when Chad was a baby that was in great shape.

I still had the umbrella stroller we bought in China to use.


But I told the gal I was needing to buy a double stroller for when Tate gets home.

We talked for quite awhile, enjoying every second, and then they were on their way.

We texted each other once after Thursday evening, just amazed that we had met.

Two days later our family went ice skating.

Eliza’s umbrella stroller from China broke that night. A bar broke completely in half.

It is not useable now. It collapses if we sit Eliza in it.


We laughed – we couldn’t believe we just sold our only other stroller!

I looked at strollers on Amazon on my phone while everyone skated.

I picked a double stroller out after reading reviews, and looking at lots of choices.

It was $155, which we cannot spend right now.

But I knew what I would choose if I could.


I was playing Parcheesi with Lane this afternoon when my text message beeped.

It was the sweet gal we sold the stroller to.

She was shopping at Shopko and saw a double stroller that was on clearance from $155 for $61.99 and wanted to let me know.

She wasn’t sure it was what I would want, but texted a photo so I could look at it.

The text ended “Just thought of you and thought I’d let you know….take care”

I looked at the photo and it was that exact stroller I had chosen just days earlier!!



So I immediately called this amazing gal.

Told her what had happened to Eliza’s stroller.

Told her I had picked out the exact stroller she was telling me about and we could not spend the money on it right now because it was $155.

We both had goose bumps.

And then she bought us that stroller for $61.99.


Our friend that lives near them is coming over next week and is going to bring it to us.

This is the exact encouragement that God knew I needed today!

Only God! Praise be to Him!!


  1. Lisa says:

    Those amazing little details…Those amazing little things. Our great big God is interested in all of our little cares. Oh! I love how His faithfulness is seen and how He sends encouragement where we don’t expect it. đŸ™‚

  2. Connie says:

    Thank you for sharing this. Our God is amazing.! The wonderful hands of God orchestrate so much in our lives that we aren’t always aware of. So glad to see such a beautiful example of God’s care, and His perfect timing! Made me teary.

  3. Valerie Smith says:

    Stephanie….I just love this story and am so grateful for you note on my blog. I love you and miss you always. This is perfect. I’ve kept you in prayer. We were gone when your Dad died. We were in Clifton with Mom. I wanted so much to hug you. Know my heart is with yours…always. I am missing Jill reading your blog and keeping me posted on all updates. I just miss Jill. What a gift to us all she was. She loved you!

    • Steph says:

      Sweet friend, I love you too and miss you more. I miss Jill too – I can’t imagine what a void there is for you. I am glad you are able to be with your Mom. I wasn’t in town long for my Dad’s service – it was the most heart wrenching trip of my life. It would have been a great hug though. We hope to visit my Mom soon – and she will have to kick us out once we get there – so I will plan on seeing you then!

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