Fun Facts Friday!!

Here are some random fun facts for you this Friday!

Some news from around home – Grant finally purchased a new car after totaling his first car in an accident in a snow storm at the end of January. So happy for him! That he has a new car, that is! Grant also will be starting a new job this Monday after two more days of driving an hour one-way to milk cows at his current job. His new job is five minutes away at our local farmer’s co-op! He is excited and so are we!


Years ago a great middle school friend (who is still great, sweet, beautiful and my friend!) and I were consistent e-mail buddies. We were encouraging each other through homeschooling, mommyhood and life. She would share with me the things that she was learning from The Fly Lady. I starting doing the things she was sharing with me and I still do a lot of them to this day. Like shining my sinks, and wiping down the showers! I use a hand towel, that is headed for the laundry anyway, to wipe out the bath room sink, the tile in the shower, and the bath tub every morning after we are finished getting ready. I timed it! It takes me two minutes! Then when it is cleaning day those sinks and showers are super, duper easy to clean.


The kiddos and I have been through this book in our Bible time more times than I can count. The older kids have most of the questions and answers memorized!


I was wandering around Walgreens while waiting for one of the littles prescriptions one day, and a cute-much-younger-than-me Walgreen’s employee showed me this skinny eye-liner. Where have you been all my life skinny eye-liner? I know! You all are screaming “catch up with the times!” But just in case you didn’t know about skinny eye-liner, now you do.


There is a great series related to adoption cocooning at A Beautiful Symphony. For any of you that are our family, friends, cheerleaders, prayer warriors, supporters…it is a must read. You need to know this stuff! Thank you in advance.

By the way, that great middle school friend and I met in Brussels, Belgium at the International School of Brussels! Cause that is where I grew up! In Brussels, Belgium!

Did you all know that I have one brother and one sister? And like this photo shows, I am sandwiched in the middle as the middle child! And, yes, I was too lazy to find the original file of this photo, so I took a photo of the front of the fridge. My girls are cringing right now.


Looking for another good read? Hilltop Memories is very good. Very, very good. Like in a challenging yet encouraging kind of way. Scroll through her blog posts and you will see what I mean.

Last, but certainly not least, Blake and my anniversary is today!! Twenty-seven years today!! Life with this man gets better every. single. day. Love you, honey!


WOO HOO!! It is Friday! My hubby has been gone traveling this week, so this weekend is sounding SUPER sweet!

Happy Friday, you all!!!


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