Fun Facts Friday!!

I am going to have to start calling this Some Stuff Saturday!

Cause I keep running out of time on Friday!

Earlier this week I was planning school for this coming fall, and it was then that I realized I will only have four kiddos to teach.

WHAT?! Only four kiddos to teach!?

Then Addie Mae pointed out that this fall will be the first time in nine years that I will not have a child in High School to teach!

Wow, I am old.

Our bigs are growing up! Grant and Addie Mae are seniors and will graduate this year!

That will make four seniors I have graduated from our Moschel Academy! Three of our own, and I also schooled a dear friend’s daughter for her last two years of high school – so that really makes four!

Our bigs used to look like this, and then I blinked.


You know, we do so many things around our home that are so normal to us, but not so normal to others.

Like living chemical free, and eating so weird!

I thought I would point out that when you bake in stoneware muffin pans and use unbleached muffin liners, the pure food you put in the muffin pan actually stays pure while baking instead of leaching the bleach out of regular muffin liners, or the chemicals out of a non-stick muffin tin.

I love to learn! And I have learned a lot about harmful chemicals and harmful foods over the years.


Speaking of food, we always buy mostly produce.

Blake calls these yummy things “nature’s candy!” I agree!



Thanks to Uncle Sam and our tax return, I was able to bulk order some nuts and dates.

We buy our nuts and dried fruit from

Most nuts are processed in facilities that also process wheat.

That means your nuts could run down an assembly line that something with wheat just ran down.

For someone like us that live with celiac disease, that is not ok!

The things we buy from are certified gluten-free.

And these people are fabulous!! Their quality, their quick shipping, and most of all their customer service, including their cute boxes!


It has been a rather grey, rainy week around these parts.

So we broke out some DVD’s for the littles to watch.

We do have a monitor to watch things on in the sun room, and stream things to watch now and then off of Amazon Prime, Hulu, or PBS, but we do not have any television channels.

Davey and Goliath and The Pond were both a hit with Tate and Eliza! They are such good character building stories!

Eliza calls the Alligator in The Pond the “Croc-a-gator!”



We did not can this last fall. We were a littttlllleeee busy.

I would like to announce that we only have nine quarts of salsa left in our cellar.

I sure hope Costco carries a good spicy, kinda sweet salsa!

Cause we go through this stuff like water!


We bought Eliza a trampoline for her birthday. For therapy.

And it is a BLESSING!!

This girl needs to bounce, I am telling you.

And her brother thinks he needs to too!

And, yes, that is Grant, their spotter, who is trying not to be in these photos.



I made baked oats the other morning.

What are your favorite breakfast foods?


Have I ever told you I LOVE being a Mom?

And a homeschool Mom?

And to cuddle and read aloud with my kiddos?


Well, I DO!


That’s all folks!!

I would tell you all to have a GREAT Friday, but I am a little too late!

So have a GREAT Saturday, you all!!!


  1. Kirstin says:

    Just in time to read before I go to bed… never mind that it’s after midnight… I am still calling it Friday night. And what a great note to end the week on! I know that I do not comment much, but love, love reading each and every post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jim Schmechel says:

    “Have I ever told you I LOVE being a Mom?

    And a homeschool Mom?

    And to cuddle and read aloud with my kiddos?


    Well, I DO!”

    This is NOT a surprise! 🙂 Thank you for being a wonderful Mom and teacher to your children! May our Lord Jesus bless you abundantly for all that you do.

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