Fun Facts Friday!!

The end of another week! How is that possible!

And Friday is almost over! So I better get this post finished quick like!

The weather here has been amazing! It could be spring soon! Just maybe! But after winter here on the farm first comes mud season.


Do you all have a favorite kitchen tool? I have MANY, cause I love being in the kitchen. I think this little chopper might be the favorite of the favorites though. We use it everyday! I make guacamole in it often. So handy, this little thing!



Speaking of guacamole, it is such an awesome healthy fat to consume. I found these little guacamole cups awhile back and have had them on the grocery list every week since. They are the perfect kid size snack to dip bean chips, carrots or cucumbers in!



Did I tell you Grant got a new job? I used that excuse to make chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting. They were grain-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and barely had any sugar in them. I will be sharing the recipe soon!


Blake and I met up this week and had the last court document notarized for the re-finalization of Tate’s adoption! I really wanted to get a photo of that and forgot! I did manage to take a photo of my nap-in-a-cup that I was drinking before I met up with Blake, he, he. We will head back to the courthouse on April 5th to stand before the judge on Tate’s behalf! Can’t wait!


This twelve year old giant had a headache for nine days straight. My poor boy. It warranted several trips to the chiropractor. Praising the Lord that he is all better now! Lots of running this week!


In all the crazy, crazy I did manage to keep up with school and our home. Even though sometimes I was doing all things at once – like switching and folding laundry, giving a spelling test, and having a certain precious boy “time-in” with me while I did. Sometimes this certain precious boy just needs my eyes on him at all times. Just sometimes.


You know, as a homeschool mama the one thing that burdens me the most is to teach my kiddos to love to learn. If I can achieve that – the rest is easy peasy! I am thankful that I still love to learn. I have a page long list in my journal of things I hope to research and learn about this year! This week I spent the littles nap time listening to a very good autoimmune wellness class. Good stuff.


Well, tonight was date night! And grocery night! It was good to be out and about with my hubby! Last week we dated at home because it was SNOWING! This week it was 60 degrees for our date night! I am not complaining!

That’s all for fun facts Friday!

Until next time – have a great weekend you all!