Full Days

This weekend was full!

(My husband would say I have lofty goals.)

Even though Blake headed to work on Saturday morning, the rest of us were home most of the day.

And then a snowstorm kept us home all day yesterday too!

Today our world was white, blue and sunny……SPARKLING!!


And below zero freezing cold.


I got an early start Saturday morning cooking stock and beans for the freezer.


And making snack foods too.

We have been on a hummus kick – it is SO good!

Garlic artichoke and roasted red pepper are this week’s flavors.


I took some little helpers to the store with me.

Can’t tell you the last time Eliza has done something like this! She loved it!


Sunday morning while it was blowing and snowing we listened to a sermon.

Had a round of prayer.

Then it was time for games! And snacks!






We should know better than to play word games with my darling hubby.

One of his sentences was something like:

“Wombats take showers in Virginia in June.”


Silly man.

He didn’t win!


I had the kids bring the doll house out of the attic for Miss Eliza.

SO, SO, SO cute to see her play with her imagination!



I kept hearing “Mommy! Mooommmyyy!”

When I went to Eliza and asked “What’s wrong?” she showed me she wasn’t talking to me!

Her doll house baby was calling for her Mommy!

Too cute!



Then Mrs. Lofty Goals (that’s me) decided it was time transition our sweet-gonna-be-three-soon out of her crib into her bed!

We clapped and cheered and made it super fun, cause we could see she was afraid.

She helped us take down her crib and put her bed where it used to be!


I have at least one hundred photos like this!

When the camera comes out, this is the smile Eliza makes!

With her head tilted up every time!



We talked about her new bed ALL day!

At bedtime, we took a photo for big sissy and David.

We texted it to them to show them how big she was!!


Then I laid with her and she went right to sleep.

She was only up once, praise the Lord!

Normally she is not up at all though!

This afternoon a super cute six year old and I had eye doctor appointments!


It was a great date with my little man!


Grant ran the van up and down our long driveway before we were supposed to leave in hopes that I would make it through the huge drifts. YIKES!

He told me “Mom, you will be ok. Just go fast and keep your momentum!” YIKES again!

Thankfully our snow plow guy came right as I was ready to leave!


Our appointments went well.

I couldn’t stop taking photos of this cutie pie!

So fun to have him all to myself!


Lane needed a new prescription and new glasses.

So thankful his current glasses have lasted three years.

His new frames are super cute!

Then we had a library date when we were finished at the doctor.

Today was full too!

Loving every second of these full days! Super blessed!!


  1. Lisa says:

    Lovin’ it. When my girls played and I came in when I heard “Mommy”, they would say “not you, my OTHER mommy.” (Other mommy? Should I be worried?) Thanks for always including the pictures! It’s kind of like being there. 🙂

  2. Michelle says:

    Lovely to have family to play games with and spend great quality time with; thankful for His blessings, and for the special blessing of Eliza Claire; waiting and praying for Tate!

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