Friday – to Guangzhou

Friday morning the guys packed up, left Hohhot, and flew to Guangzhou!

 photo IMG_9061_zpstq84gch9.jpg

 photo IMG_9063_zpsvxbqstnb.jpg

Tate was AMAZING. Such a good boy!!! Never made a peep the whole flight!

 photo IMG_9067_zpsymumnty5.jpg

 photo IMG_9060_zpsoxpsw89a.jpg

They will be spending a week in Guangzhou to work on the U.S. side of Tate’s paperwork to be able to receive his visa to bring him home!

When they arrived there, we had quite the surprise. Simon, the guys guide for this week, speaks Tate’s dialect of Chinese!!!! How AWESOME is that?? God is so good to us.

When they got to their room in the hotel, Tate asked Simon if it was his new home. Simon was able to explain to Tate that it would be only for a week until they would ride an airplane again.

The guys took a long walk around the area by the hotel once they arrived. Blake was thrilled to be back and enjoyed the familiarity of it all! They got some snacks, water, and dinner while they were out. The day had been filled with traveling, so they did not have a lot of time before Tate needed to be put to bed. They had a great night of sleep last night!

While we are heading to bed tonight, Saturday is starting in Guangzhou, and the guys will be taking Tate to his medical exam. Tate will have to have his blood drawn, as well as being checked by different doctors. The medical exam is not easy for these kiddos! It is a new, unknown, scary experience. Please say a bedtime prayer for our little one!


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