Friday Stuff

How I LOVE Fridays!!

Schedules and routines are our key to success around here.

Fridays are no exception!

Friday is cleaning and grocery day!

And most of the time, DATE NIGHT!

We have a great crew of helpers.

We spent time training them how to do their chores, and now we are reaping the benefits!

Addie was a blur running around working too – I just did not get a photo of her!

This sweet new home of ours if SO EASY TO CLEAN!

Down sizing has been SO freeing.

It was exactly what we needed in this season of our lives!

We have been trying to figure out our grocery and date night routine now that things are slowing down.

Going to town is just “that” much farther….so running there during the day for grocery and back to town for date night just seems like too much.

Blake and I headed the other direction for date night last week – and had coffee at the Viroqua Coop!

I LOVED that we were in the same vehicle, and that it was only 15 minutes away!

But date night is when we run a lot of errands too, so time will tell how we work this all out.

I am so thankful that we are settling into life here.

We could never have imagined how much we would enjoy this beautiful place the Lord has blessed us with!

Twin Oaks, we are excited to make memories with you!