Forever Changed

We will always be grateful that we took the opportunity to do what we did today, but it has changed each of us forever. To see so many children who are in need of a family was hard on our hearts for sure. I cannot even process the images in my head of all those beautiful children….they are images that will stay with me forever.

The orphanage and the grounds were so well kept, with beautiful gardens and very clean rooms. The caretakers had enormous smiles for us and were very excited to see Eliza and Vivian. There is no air conditioning there, and the heat here is not something I can explain in words. It is beyond any hot we have ever experienced!

Today was hard on our little miracle Eliza, but we pray bonding will reach a new level because of the good-byes we said at the orphanage. I held on to her tight, as she did to me, to try to comfort her and let her know we were not leaving her. She cried a lot though, and kept pointing back the direction we had come from.

We were granted the privilege to take some photos. I am so grateful to have them….a piece of Eliza’s life before us.

Eliza was a cuddle bug in the van on the way there. Our morning was fast and furious to get to the van on time, but it went very well.


We were allowed to take photos outside of the buildings, and the grounds. It was so beautiful!






We went and saw the preschool classrooms first. We were taken inside Vivian’s classroom.



Then, as we were walking, I peeked into another classroom, and Eliza went crazy with excitement! She saw her preschool teacher, and it was obvious they love each other very much.


Next we saw Eliza and Vivian’s cribs, and we were given their name tags from that room. Eliza’s crib is on the left, Vivian’s is on the right.


We saw where the girls ate their meals.


What tore at my heart the most was when we saw the “baby room”. So many beautiful babies. I will never forget it. Eliza’s “Foster Grandma” (who took care of Eliza as a baby before she moved into her foster family) was there, and so we got a photo with her as well.


We left there and walked to the medical buildings. We were shown a model of the whole orphanage complex which was mind boggling to see. That place is huge. Our guide told us there are 1,000 orphans there. One thousand children with out parents.



Once we all agreed it was time to go, we drove to a hospital to see where Eliza was found. The traffic and people there was crazy, and so we took photos of the outside of the building and the street name as we drove by.



We really enjoyed seeing the culture while in the van. It is SO neat. We want to soak up every bit of it we can! China has made it’s way into our hearts, and we will have a hard time leaving even though we are more than ready to go home.


All afternoon all I can think is part of a verse in Psalm 139: “fearfully and wonderfully made.” Each and every one of those beautiful children we saw today was fearfully and wonderfully made. I can’t help but wonder what God’s plan for those children will be. The tears are coming easily for us today. Thank you for praying us through a very hard, but very necessary day.

“I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.” Psalm 139:14


  1. Lisa says:

    Oh Moschels! My heart is overwhelmed as I read this. What a blessing that Eliza can see where she started on her journey and what a BLESSING that she is going home a Moschel. Praying for you all.

  2. Christy says:

    Wow. What an experience to visit Eliza’s orphanage. That is something we did not get a chance to do because Lily came from a more remote area. We got her in Nanchang and her orphanage was 3 hours away by car. We did not think 6 hours in a car for a baby with a heart condition would be good so unfortunately we missed that opportunity. I bet it was very hard for you but I am sure you are glad you did it for closure and to be able to tell Eliza about the orphanage since she will be too young to remember much of it. The photos will be good. We were fortunate enough to have a lady who visited Lily’s orphanage on a mission trip find us and send photos of the orphanage and Lily as a baby. So we are thankful for that.
    Bless Eliza’s sweet heart as she is grieving during this transition. It will take time but it will be temporary. It is good that she is close to you. Lily did that too and had a bit harder time warming up to my husband for what seemed like forever. She would cry when I would leave her with him. It too passed and they are best buds now. It just takes time and patience. Prayers are with you all as you bond as a family. It is certainly a blessing.

  3. Kirstin says:

    Yes, forever changed.
    We were praying you through yesterday as soon as we read about your plans for the day, and will continue to be praying. We love you Moschel family… ALL of you!!

  4. Connie says:

    My heart aches to think of all those children needing parents. I wish I could get them all. I felt the same way with John and Shelly in Ukraine. Tears stream down my face again as I think of all these little ones and bigger ones without the love of a family. So thankful that you can bring sweet Eliza Claire home. Thinking of the blessing that you will be to each other as a forever family. What joy! Continuing to pray.

  5. Sandra Endress says:

    This reminds me again of our trip to Korea – and being able to see the nursery where our kids were. It leaves a lasting impression for sure. 1000 kids needing parents- we can make a difference – you did for Eliza Claire.

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