Flying High

Yesterday we took a break from working on the farm to go and enjoy the Blue Angels! They were in Onalaska as part of Air Fest 2014 which is only 35 minutes from the farm.

5-31-14 024

Lane took watching the air show very seriously, binoculars and all!

5-31-14 007

Of course we brought lots of snacks!

5-31-14 011

Someone very special joined us too!

5-31-14 014

5-31-14 015

It was a beautiful, clear and sunny day!

5-31-14 016

I have been struggling with a sinus infection so I sat back in the shade of a tree to keep cooler. Sweet Lane checked on me often!

5-31-14 017

5-31-14 018

We were just on the side of the road along the river. It was free to watch from there!

5-31-14 019

5-31-14 020

The noise of the planes is exhilarating!! Chad and Lane asked lots of questions. I was always looking the wrong direction because they sounded like they were in a different place than they really were!

5-31-14 021

Thank you, David, for these awesome photos!

5-31-14 022

5-31-14 023

What a fun field trip on a beautiful day! Thankfully we did not wait until today to go and watch them fly, because it has been raining buckets for hours now. We are thankful for the rain! Saved us hours of watering today! And God is helping us fill our swimming pool! I love to see His hand in all things!!

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  1. Sandra Endress says:

    WOW! Awesome photos! …And I’ve decided… I think that “someone special” ought to be a Moschel… he has those deep set eyes… are you SURE he’s not related? Gasp! Kayla – you are courting your cousin! 🙂 And Steph – you had better rest up – your flight to China and a URI is not a good combination.

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