Flexibility Is The Key To Success

Flexibility is the key to success.

This is something Blake says often!

We have purposed to train our children to have responses that would be in line with these words.

More is caught than taught, so I was repeating these words over and over in my head as I drove my husband to the hospital Tuesday night.

He was diagnosed with a severe case of pneumonia, pumped full of some fluids and antibiotics, and released back into my care.

To be the person I wanted to be when we arrived at the hospital, I knew I had to have a spirit of praise and thanksgiving!


So I started telling Blake, who was practically unconscious in the passenger seat next to me, ALL that we had to be thankful for!

You all should try listing your blessings sometime – it works wonders for your spirit!

Even in the midst of a very, very rough week!

This bug has spread quickly through our home.

It is a bad, bad bug – leaving one Mama a little nervous about how high fevers can really burn.

I am thankful to say that the Lord has answered my constant prayer that He would see fit to keep me well so I can take care of everyone else.

Thank you, Jesus!

Along with Tate being sick, he is still the ring master of an all night circus….every night.

I have been trying to teach him that he should not be awake until the sunshine wakes up.

There is a hamper at the end of Tate’s bed, right under the window.


I moved it one day to do laundry, which Tate did not realize, as he leaned out of his bed thinking it was there so he could pull on the shade to see if the sun was shining yet.

At 11:49 p.m.

He promptly fell out of bed and landed on his head.

You don’t want any child to fall from anywhere and land on their head – but most certainly not a four year old with a shunt in his brain.

Scares me to pieces this dimply boy.

Most everyone was eating again yesterday, so I made some mean soup and sauteed greens for lunch.

I am not kidding when I say there was about 20 cloves of garlic in between those two things.

We were quite smelly after lunch!

But foods have healing powers! Especially garlic!


We also have a blanket that Kayla made years and years ago that we call the healing blanket.

Whenever anyone is sick, it is the first thing they ask for!

It doesn’t have any healing powers, but it is just so cozy!


Speaking of Kayla, in the midst of all this sickness, she and David have been banned from the farm.

We need them all healthy for Baby K’s arrival!

Baby K is due in one week!

Isn’t she SO cute! (thanks for the photo, Kay!)


Things are looking up today – we have more kiddos on their feet than not, and Blake left to work for a little while.

The leftover coughs are fierce, though.




Grant was the latest victim and went down yesterday morning.

If it goes like it has for everyone else, he should be sitting back up tomorrow sometime.

Here is a little peek at two littles and their opinion of being sick –

I will take a cuddly week at home any day – I just wish everyone was not so sick!

So far, our new normal is full of a lot of flexibility!!

Have a happy weekend, everyone!!


  1. Connie says:

    Will be praying for all of you to get better quickly. So sorry that this hit you so hard. Thank you sooooo much for sharing that darling video. So much fun to hear them jabber. Love you all.

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